Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on shutdown, liberal professors, historical museum, selfish humans, great people

What is the GOP Congress thinking?

What is our Republican Congress thinking? To shut down the government simply because Republicans are disgruntled that they did not get their way during the 2012 election is beyond childish. I would compare their actions to a spoiled child’s tantrum, but, unfortunately, this is way beyond a tantrum.

To refuse to pass a budget, thus shutting down the government, because they do not like the Affordable Care Act is the equivalent of terrorists holding hostages and demanding everyone convert to their ideology.

I have a hard time understanding the Republicans’ abhorrence to ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance, thus ensuring adequate access to health care and preventive services. The only explanation I can come up with is that they no longer represent the American people but rather their big contributors in industry.

Regardless of where their loyalties lie, they need to accept that Obamacare is here, and if they don’t like it they need to put their energy into improving it instead to being obstructive. I sincerely hope that voters remember this debacle during the 2014 elections and elect some new representatives.



Many affected

Last week my husband and I returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. We were very surprised at the large number of Europeans and Japanese who were also touring the parks. We were far outnumbered by the many foreign visitors. Many of them told us how they come to our country every year for vacations because they love our beautiful country, and we appreciate the fact that they are putting their money into our economy.

On Tuesday I was thinking of all those who have spent a lot of money and traveled from far places to enjoy our national parks, only to be denied access to such beautiful places because of the childish bickering in Washington, D.C. It’s not only Americans who are being affected by the selfish, egotistic behavior of our Congress.



Professors not smart

What a shock that a professor, University of Kansas journalism professor David Guth, made a tweet that not only made no sense but could easily be considered hate speech and inciting violence (Sept. 21 Local & State).

Recently, political science professor Michael A. Smith from Emporia State University jumped on The Eagle’s get-Gov. Sam Brownback bandwagon with the usual complaints about voter ID legislation, a recent Kansas gun law and, of course, civil rights’ ongoing struggles (“Constitution still at a crossroads,” Sept. 22 Opinion).

There was also another rant by Wichita State University professor H. Edward Flentje blaming Brownback for stomping on the poor and cutting funding for schools and, naturally, colleges (“Words-deeds gap on helping poor,” Sept. 15 Opinion). Flentje did recognize that the economy is still bad, but failed to mention the financial mess left by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and now made worse by President Obama’s economic failures.

Kansas has infinitely fewer funding options than the U.S. government, but both are in serious financial trouble that requires significant changes now. It is obvious these scholars require some remedial lessons in finance, and at least one in civility, before expressing their opinions.



Visit museum

Have you been to the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum? I revisited it recently and found it to be a great tribute to our city’s history. I hope you will attend a “Blast to the Past” from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. There will be cosmic treats, stellar music and out-of-this-world museum tours.



Can’t get along

What a country. If our own people cannot get along, how can we expect to get along with other nations with different cultures?

Humans are unreasonable, hateful, selfish, greedy, self-serving creatures. We were an experiment of God. I’m surprised he hasn’t sucked us into a black hole and said: “That’s the end of that. The experiment has failed.”



Great people

My bike bag fell off the back of my bicycle during a recent ride in Wichita, and I wasn’t aware of it until I returned to my home. My initial reaction was shock, because the bag contained my cellphone and wallet with cash, ID and credit cards and I feared I was facing credit fraud and identity theft.

However, my shock was soon replaced with inspiration when I found that my bike bag, with all contents in place, had been found and returned anonymously to my front door. I’ve shared this experience with several friends, and all have agreed there are great people in Wichita.