Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Obamacare facts, government spending

Learn the truth about health law

A group funded by the Koch brothers has put out another scary ad featuring a creepy Uncle Sam in a doctor’s office, apparently taking advantage of unsuspecting patients (“Anti-Obamacare ad is beyond creepy,” Sept. 25 WE Blog excerpts). They are relying on people not taking the time to find out the truth about the Affordable Care Act. There are many easily accessible websites explaining the facts about the ACA and exploding the myths.

At least 80 percent of Americans will notice little change, because they already have insurance that meets the law. For those who don’t have health insurance: You can go to www.healthcare.gov and look up your state’s health insurance marketplace.

For those on Medicare: You don’t have to do anything during enrollment. However, you will be getting more services. Medicare.gov shows how the ACA will affect you: http://tinyurl.com/k398gvy.

If you don’t trust a government website, here is one from U.S. News and World Report: http://tinyurl.com/mx9lrer.

PolitiFact is a good website to see whether those stories you are hearing and reading about are true: http://tinyurl.com/nb7ycfj.


North Newton

No provisions

Our federal government has been operating for the benefit and prosperity of those elected and appointed functionaries within the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our federal government. Their first priority is to remain in office until they retire at full pay.

“Why do we fear a shutdown?” (Oct. 1 Letters to the Editor) noted: “The fact that our federal government’s functioning does affect our daily life is merely proof that we have concentrated too much of our government in Washington, D.C.” That is right on the money.

Our federal government is empowered to maintain a military force to protect our country and a federal judiciary, along with our state and municipal governments, to maintain law and order – responsibilities that, by their nature, the citizens cannot do for themselves.

There is no provision in the Bill of Rights or our Constitution for our government to medicate, feed, clothe and house any of our citizens.

For that matter, there are no provisions for our government to spend billions of dollars to medicate, feed, clothe, house and support foreign governments and their populations. This is money we don’t have, and there are no prospects that any of these funds will be repaid.