Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on shutdown, GOP tyranny, Democratic untruthfulness, color bias, Derby dog park

GOP lost election, needs to move on

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are shutting down the government because the American people did not vote the way some members of the party wanted them to vote. The American people had an opportunity to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in the 2012 elections. All they had to do was elect Mitt Romney and a handful of Republicans to the U.S. Senate. Instead, they easily re-elected President Obama and even added Democrats to the Senate and shrank the GOP House majority by six members.

Supposedly, the GOP cares about the debt and the deficit. However, the last government shutdown cost about $2 billion. In addition, the shutdown will put the nation at risk because of much lower staffing of our security agencies, and the 800,000 federal workers who will be furloughed will face financial hardship.

Clearly, the American people did not and do not want to repeal the ACA. I now tell my Republican friends, as they said to me after the 2000 and 2004 elections: “You lost the election; get over it and move on.”



Tyranny of minority

Tea party Republicans once again have shown their disdain for democratic government and the American people by forcing a shutdown of the federal government. This amounts to a tyranny of the minority where the tail wags the dog. It would almost be funny if it were not affecting so many of our businesses and marginalized citizens.

Why does the Republican Party want to deny millions of Americans access to health care? We all should have what every member of Congress has.

Republicans like Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and others are demonstrating their extreme arrogance by not only leaving America in the lurch but also opening the door to the world falling back into the Great Recession, due to their callous attitude toward governing. It amounts to a 21st-century civil war that we can hope will end within the bounds of government, and not spill out of Congress like the last one did.

I hope that everyone who will be affected by the Republican Party’s lack of respect for the democratic process – and that is everyone – will be sure to send it a message in the next election. Let’s support our president and the law of the land, not the march toward tyranny by the Republican Party.



Return to truth

Regarding the debt ceiling and President Obama’s health care law: It is egregious and nefarious to keep spending more than what the people can afford to pay in taxes. It is also a blatantly untruthful statement for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to blame everyone else when he is the one to blame, because the health care law was passed without prior examination of its content and without bipartisan debate and careful adjusting.

It is also blatantly wrong to include taxpayer money for contraception and abortion drugs that will destroy the most innocent of human beings and take them from what should be one of the most sacred places on this Earth, the womb of the mother. The child who is in danger of abortion should be given the right of indigent representation. Twisting truth and hiding definitive meaning of what abortion is now causes the most peace-threatening climate in the world today.

Isn’t it time to get back to truthful, principled self-discipline and rebuild peace in this world today?



Get past bias

This country didn’t go to hell in a handbag after the election of other presidents, now did it? So listen to the issues and get past the color bias, the rhetoric and outrageous personal attacks, and support and pray for the team that has a platform so desperately needed by this country right now. Get educated and introduce yourself to the first “black president.”

During President Obama’s second term, I pray that we will be freed from the envy and resentment of others, money and possessions, and that God will teach us to see that wealth takes many forms, starting with love.



No tax, dog park

Derby is proposing a new half-cent sales tax, with part of the money to be used to create a dog park. One proposal is to convert Riley neighborhood park, in the middle of a residential area, into the dog park. This park consists of a ball diamond, playground area and small picnic area.

This would devalue the surrounding properties and pose a health and safety hazard. It would be more cost-effective to build the replacement diamond in a currently zoned recreational area. The dog park should be built in a nonresidential area. Should houses later be built nearby, the folks will know what is there before buying.

Current residents who bought houses adjacent to the park for their children should not be subjected to a dog park.

Derby citizens: Please vote “no” on the new sales tax, helping your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens avoid replacing their children with dogs. The next dog park could be in your backyard.