Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Heartland Flyer, renaming airport, almost exactly, pregnancy clinics, creator

Could Heartland Flyer also carry cars?

Regarding the Heartland Flyer (Sept. 27 Eagle): My wife, son and son-in-law recently returned from Oklahoma City and were exhausted from the trip. But they would never consider taking the train because their business is nowhere near the train station. They would have to make arrangements to get to the part of city they needed to go, so they drove.

If they could put the car on the train and then, when they got to the city, remove the car, they would have given that option serious consideration. How hard would it be to connect flatbeds or auto transport cars to the Flyer?

If we are ever going to reduce the carbon footprint of the average American, we are going to have to develop a two-stage transportation system. This would be a good start.

If we could ever develop such a system, the old road boats that we use to travel the interstates now would become obsolete.



We are Wichita

“Wichita Eisenhower Mid-Continent Airport” might be a favorable name for the new airport (“Rename airport,” Aug. 18 Letters to the Editor). But “Mid-Continent” should be included. It is in the middle of the United States.

If a name change occurs, I am concerned about the cost involved for small companies and others that include Wichita Mid-Continent Airport on their paperwork.

Pilots are familiar with Wichita ICT as a destination airport for the city of Wichita. Many other places use their city name for their airport, such as Dallas-Fort Worth; Seattle-Tacoma; Tulsa, Okla.; Miami; Los Angeles; and Fayetteville, Ark. Wichita needs to be in front of our airport’s name.

I am proud to be identified with Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. We are Wichita.



Almost exactly?

I am an avid reader of The Eagle – from front to back or back to front. I do not consciously look for errors, but the English teacher in me can’t seem to miss the occasional split infinitive, dangling participle, or someone’s confusion over the use of “there,” “they’re” and “their.”

I recently spread the paper on the table and read an article concerning Kansas City International Airport (Aug. 26 Eagle). It began: “Almost exactly a year ago . . .” Can we have it both ways at the same time? I’m almost 85 years old (give or take a few months) or I’m exactly 85 years old. The pictures are almost the same or exactly the same.

My mind turned a corner. Perhaps the Kansas City Star reporter has found a clue to our current frustrations. The gray areas of life have almost disappeared and left us with no misty flats or gray areas to work out our differences. You must believe exactly like I do, and I will not jump the congressional aisle nor be interested in your form of worship. We are given a choice to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Life would be better if we were almost exactly human beings who are willing to give, take and change.

It made me think.



Truth in Eagle

Contrary to the claim of “Biased article” (Aug. 24 Letters to the Editor), The Eagle has proven its support of the truth by reporting on a recent protest at a local pregnancy crisis center, just as it reported the constant protests at the South Wind Women’s Center and Planned Parenthood over the past 40 years.

Women are given false information at pregnancy crisis centers, pressured to continue a pregnancy they do not want, and bribed by being given false promises. These woman often come to the facilities believing they will be supported in the choice they have made, but instead are fed religious dogma, fake medical information and given no real choices. They are not providing truth to women in need.

Perhaps if these clinics and their supporters were able to see farther than the end of their church pews or had more education than Sunday School, they could look at the issue in reality instead of the fantasy provided by these fake clinics.

I would suggest that women seek out truth from people other than the religious right and their fanatics. They should make no decisions on their own medical needs without discussing it with real doctors and professional medical counselors. Sidewalk counselors and preachers seldom have those qualifications.



Power of creator

A world map published by the National Geographic Society has this notation: Earth’s mass is 6.6 sextillion tons. This is 6.6 plus 20 zeros. This is without human weight, which, as of June 2002, added about 316 million tons.

Who can understand the power of the creator? The Earth comes packaged with enough resources to last humans thousands of years. Seed time, harvest, rain, underground water systems, mountain snows, oceans, rivers and creeks are all part of this great creation.

Isn’t it time to know the creator of the universe?