Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on voter registration, arms manufacturers, Sedgwick County Park crosswalks

Registration gripe doesn’t fit facts

I don’t care to pick on my elders, but the complaint in “Shouldn’t have to prove citizenship” (Aug. 26 Letters to the Editor) didn’t fit the facts. Citizenship only has to be shown the first time you register to vote in the state of Kansas, or if you canceled your registration or it was dropped because you didn’t vote in two consecutive federal elections. Currently registered voters don’t even have to provide a photo ID to change their registration.

Check out the website voteks.org. The sham and the fraud were the claims in the letter, not the state law.



Paint crosswalks

Sedgwick County Park is a gem. But with increasing numbers of people using the fabulous paths for biking, walking, dog exercise, running and rollerblading, it is becoming more dangerous at the path/road intersections.

A small gesture on the part of the city and county to promote fitness and safety would be to paint white crosswalk lines everywhere the path crosses the road, especially at the north and south parking lot entrances, the Zoo entrances, and the entrances to the farmers market at the Sedgwick County Extension Center. There are a few yellow “pedestrian crossing” signs at the heavy-use areas, but no white lines to increase driver awareness of the presence of small children on bicycles, runners, dogs, etc.



Call to arms

Arms manufacturing in Connecticut dates back to when Eli Whitney began to manufacture weapons in Middletown. A cluster of such manufacturers developed from then through the 19th century. It is a healthy and desirable industry.

Colt’s Manufacturing Co. and others have expressed increased dissatisfaction with the restrictive laws in that state and are looking for viable places to relocate. South Carolina has benefited from the move of one manufacturer already, and the governor of Texas is romancing the entire industry to relocate to his state.

With the new Kansas arms laws and the availability of quality manufacturing space, Wichita should be a prime location. Let’s assure the future of good industry in Wichita and make this happen.