Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on immigration, cries for justice

Change status quo on immigration

It’s time to change the status quo. Our immigration system is slow, outdated, difficult to enforce and hard to understand.

We need to reform the system to make it simpler, faster, enforceable and understandable. We need reforms such as an E-Verify system that all employers can easily access, a larger number of worker visas approved each year, mandatory background checks and deportation of criminals, and a requirement for immigrants to get a job and pay taxes.

These sound like simple, basic, commonsense reforms – because they are. We should support them, and Congress should adopt them.



Why a question?

U.S. immigration law has always welcomed immigrants to our country, and our immigration laws are supposed to be discriminating. That is the primary reason for the law, which provides detailed instructions on how to become a legal, naturalized citizen. Why is there a question?



Cries for justice

Before I lost my job, I and other workers were told that if we valued our jobs we should put our heads down and work on. Bend down and take it. All pride in our work was beaten out of us, not with a fist but by veiled threats. So many wonderful employees who cared and still do lived in fear. This happened not just where I worked but in many other businesses.

Right now certain parties are finding ways to limit who can vote. They are causing the education system to mean less and educate less. The valued jobs will go to the elite. Office and administrative jobs disappear. Jobs once outsourced return at lower wages and fewer benefits. Will we allow certain politicians and big business to forget who put them into office and helped make those profits, who worked in loyalty and pride for all of us?

The newspapers are filled with our voices and concerns. They are filled with proof of Republican double-dealings. They are filled with cries for justice and to let us raise up our heads in pride for all that all of us have accomplished.