Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on paperless fees, Kansas delegation, King amendment

Why the fee for going paperless?

Businesses of all kinds are increasingly encouraging us to make paperless payments. The pitches to switch to electronic payments tout everything from your convenience to going green. What they don’t mention is that it can cost a business pennies to process an electronic payment but dollars to process paper. Human error is minimized with paperless bill processing, saving even more. Yet some of the businesses now offering paperless payment actually want to charge you a “convenience fee” for the privilege of saving them big bucks in bill processing, when they should be offering the customer a discount for each paperless payment received.

Before we agree to go paperless, it is perfectly legitimate to call the company offering this “privilege” and ask how much it will knock off each bill we pay electronically. I’ll bet you’ll hear some interesting hemming and hawing.



Delegation safe

Nearly all the entire Kansas congressional delegation attended the annual meeting of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association (Aug. 20 Eagle). Doesn’t this tell you anything? At the meeting, several indicated they were ready to shut down the country if other lawmakers didn’t agree with them.

The members of the Kansas delegation have nothing to worry about in the upcoming election. They can say and do anything they want and still get re-elected – especially when 15,000 voters are in “suspense.”

These people have a job with great retirement and health care benefits for their families. All they have to do is not make the Kochs or the National Rifle Association mad.



Protect animals

It is frightening how the amendment to the House farm bill by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, could essentially destroy current protections for animals. If anything, animals are in need of greater protection. Think of puppy mills. The King amendment would take away what paltry defenses these animals have.

As someone who has witnessed the pain suffered by puppy mills’ dogs, I can only hope this will not become law.

Farm animals and marine animals would also be left largely defenseless if we see the amendment come to pass.

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.: Please work toward removing this part of the bill.