Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on proof of citizenship, ACA help, war on drugs, climate change

Shouldn’t have to prove citizenship

Almost 75 years ago I was born in Newton, and I have lived in Kansas all my life.

When I was old enough to vote, I registered. I have voted in almost every election since that time. I have served as an election worker, election supervisor and a Republican committeewoman.

This past year I moved to Wichita. I went to register to vote and was told I would have to “prove” my American citizenship. Not only was I amazed, I was angered that I would be, after all these years, “proving” my citizenship. This was highly offensive to me.

My understanding was that this requirement was to prevent voter fraud. That is a bunch of baloney. I researched the fraud in Kansas and found that it is almost nonexistent.

This is a sham that needs to be corrected. I am now a Democrat. Perhaps others should change their affiliation. This is not the only issue that affects the middle class and older generations in Kansas.

Sorry, Legislature, but you don’t mess with the older generation.



Help with ACA

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, said that if the Affordable Care Act goes into effect and gains political support in the population, it will be difficult to change or kill (Aug. 20 Eagle). That’s an admission that once people discover the benefits of ACA, they will be as happy with it as senior citizens are with Medicare.

Jenkins also claimed that once the ACA takes effect, the next step is a single-payer system, a system similar to the one that guarantees quality affordable health care in most other developed countries. My husband, a Vietnam-era vet, uses the Robert Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita for his health care. It operates on a single-payer system. He gets excellent service at the VA. It could serve as a model for any future changes to the ACA.

If Jenkins doesn’t like the ACA, maybe she and the other Kansas representatives would like to see Kansans on the same health care system available to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

My family has already benefited from ACA. The Kansas delegation should be working to make sure all families benefit from ACA, not standing in its way.



Drug war costly

A recent commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr. was very good (“Finally ready to end war on drugs?” Aug. 19 Opinion). The focus by government on trying to stop the recreational use of drugs, with its damage to the body and families of those who misuse them, was misnamed. It also was damaging to the society as a whole by arresting and jailing people instead of trying to rehabilitate them, which is costly to the government and us as taxpayers. So I was glad to see Pitts’ commentary.

This is one of those things people use and get hooked on without knowing what they are getting into. Incarceration has hurt the black community, but drugs have also hurt white people, even though they don’t always get jailed. What they do is die eventually.



Climate changing

Droughts, then floods? Flood emergencies in 62 Kansas counties? And some recent August mornings have been unusually cool. As 97 percent of top climate scientists have concluded, our climate is changing.

I hope readers who care about our future, especially those with grandchildren, will set an example to reduce energy use and to save money, such as by driving fewer miles or putting on a sweater this winter while lowering their thermostats to, say, 64 degrees.