Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Snowden, ugly apartments, nuclear reactors, commander in chief, abortion

U.S. acting like bully, not a democracy

Edward Snowden – high school dropout, National Security Agency contractor, patriot, traitor, felon and whistle-blower – has triggered a rapid response to the call for reform of the NSA surveillance program, which was triggered by Snowden’s revelations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted asylum to Snowden and asked for assurances he will not be tortured or executed should he be returned home. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has assured Putin that Snowden will not be executed; we do not do torture, except for enhanced interrogation, waterboarding and Guantanamo Bay.

We may have well-earned the title of global bully with the Obama administration’s insistence that the plane bearing Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, be forced down in Vienna because it had been rumored that Snowden was aboard. Isn’t Bolivia a sovereign nation? Are we still a democratic nation?



Ugly apartments

Regarding “River Vista apartment project gets council nod” (Aug. 7 Eagle): Is this a cruel joke on west Wichita by the east-side developers? I’m referring to the photo of the proposed apartments at First and McLean. They appear to be what one would expect to see in a Third World country “project” development or a day-care center playground in the United States.

The gaudy-colored, cubist-shaped, Lego-block disassociated buildings are supposed to fit into the downtown skyline? Who would ever want to live there? A sightless person?

The fix must have been in to select a developer who would actually build such an ugly monstrosity. Viewing the project across the river from our nice hotels, what will visitors think?

Let’s get another plan.



Wrong to report

I cannot but wonder why the McClatchy Washington Bureau listed the cities where some of our nation’s nuclear reactors are located and said how vulnerable the reactors are (Aug. 16 Nation & World). This, to me, is giving all the terrorists a blueprint of where to attack us – especially the reactor near Washington, D.C.

Americans do not need all this critical information. This is where the government should intervene.



Commander leads

Regarding “Obama unfit to lead” (Aug. 17 Letters to the Editor): The news reports on television the night of the raid by U.S. Navy SEALs that killed Osama bin Laden showed the president with his military and government leaders waiting for word on the mission. If he was playing spades, he and the other key civilian and military leaders were most likely just waiting to learn what was happening in Pakistan. What should they have been doing as time passed during that eventful night?

The letter writer questioned why the president was in the operations command center, based on his lack of military expertise and decision-making experience. It’s because the president of the United States is the commander in chief of the U.S. military forces.

The Navy SEALs and medical staff on the mission declared bin Laden dead because they were reporting to their commander in chief, and the other civilian and military leaders present in the situation room, on the outcome of the mission.



Biased article

The Eagle sadly showed its true colors as a mouthpiece for the pro-abortion movement with the article “A different kind of abortion protest” (Aug. 10 Local & State), about a protest at a pregnancy crisis clinic. The article was a perfect example of the media bias that Wichitans have had to put up with from The Eagle over the years. The abortion debate is one of the vital human rights issues of our time, and the public should expect its media to impart knowledge fairly and truthfully in its coverage.

How about showing the science that human life begins at conception, and that abortion really hurts women and their babies? How about showing and describing what an abortion really is? The Eagle reporter could have easily gone to the website of A Better Choice clinic and seen the good it does for women. The Eagle could have shown that pregnancy crisis centers are also sometimes called pregnancy resource centers, because they provide real solutions for women who choose life for their babies.

The Eagle should be ashamed. The readers deserve better.



Grateful for kindness

I was shopping at Walmart in Derby on Tuesday, and I left my wallet on the self-checkout counter. Later I noticed I didn’t have it and went back to see if someone had turned it in. I was greatly surprised and grateful to find out that some nice lady had found it after I left and turned it in.

I cannot express my gratitude to this lady for this act of kindness. God bless you.


Ottawa, Ill.