Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on transgender law, insurance help, Music Theatre

Enough of silly, dangerous laws

How long before Kansas gives in to the silly and dangerous legislation of allowing so-called transgender laws to come to our state, like what Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed into law? That law enables all students in California public schools to use any restrooms or showers no matter what sex they are, or what sex they decide to be that day. Can you imagine the issues that school staffs and parents will have to deal with?

First, there was the push for gay marriage, and now this. Wow, things really are changing in America – and how sad and dangerous for our kids. It’s high time for true Christians who really believe in morality and the Bible to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”


Senior Pastor

Summit Church


Ready to help

A recent Wall Street Journal article detailed how efforts to train people to help consumers enroll in the new health insurance exchanges “are barely off the ground in many states.” But there’s already a highly trained group of professionals available to ease the public’s transition into the exchanges – licensed health insurance agents. They’ve been fulfilling the coverage needs of consumers for decades – and are ready to do the same this fall.

Consumers already count on agents to educate them about coverage options. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 92 percent of agents spend some or most of their time explaining benefits to consumers.

Small businesses also rely on agents for guidance. Nearly three-quarters of small businesses trust agents the most when they need answers regarding the health care law, according to a recent survey from eHealth.



Blessed by MTW

Wichita is truly blessed being the home to Music Theatre of Wichita under the leadership of producing artistic director Wayne Bryan. This was brought home with the showing of the regional premiere of the Broadway musical “Mary Poppins.” The past work of a skilled staff built by Bryan allowed ours to be one of a few cities chosen to produce this show.

That this brings all of us together was evidenced by a recent Saturday matinee audience where almost all the seats were filled, many with children. They in turn were able to see wonderful dancing, including tap dancing. They also could see the expert signing for the deaf the unique word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocius” off to the side of the stage.

Children could watch a dysfunctional family come together and especially enjoy Edward Sturm play Michael, the boy in the family. One could hardly believe that he is beginning sixth grade at the Independent School and was in his third year with Music Thea-tre. Other talented actors attend or teach at local and regional schools, providing colleges a steady flow of talent for the future.

Let us all thank Music Theatre of Wichita and Wayne Bryan for what they do for our city and each of us.