Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on U.S. Postal Service, Bo, Holder, veterans program

Try solving problem with Postal Service

Regarding “Postal Service needs support” (Aug. 15 Letters to the Editor): The writer obviously has never tried to communicate or solve a problem with this failed bureaucracy.

Prime example: A postal carrier was confronted by a loose dog several blocks from our quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood. Instead of handling the dog problem at the location where it occurred, the solution provided by the “customer service” manager at the post office was to cancel mail service to an entire neighborhood of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the dog incident. We were given 10 days to purchase another mailbox and have it installed curbside at a remote location of this manager’s choosing, a block and a half away from our home.

I have a legal mailbox at my residence, where mail has been successfully delivered for more than 50 years without incident. If I wanted rural mail service with my mailbox at the end of my driveway, where anyone can have access to my mail and personal information, I would have moved to the country. If I wanted to pick up mail at the post office, I would have rented a box.

Unless the postmaster general changes the policy for everyone concerning home mail delivery, I expect my mail to be delivered to my residence just like everyone else in town.



How stupid?

A recent Opinion Line contributor stated: “Not a week goes by without the first family finding another way to thumb their noses at America. The first dog, Bo, travels in his own aircraft and we have to endure the pain of paying the family to be on an eight-year vacation. How stupid are we?”

Since the person specifically asked the question, I feel justified in answering it: Anyone who believes that claim is not just stupid but incredibly stupid. Stupid to the level that justifies much of the nation’s opinion of many Kansans’ intelligence. Just how extreme do the lies from spiteful blogs, Fox News and hate radio have to be before you begin to question them?

We are a nation of uncountable problems that affect real people in immeasurable ways, and if you want to criticize the president on his handling of those problems, that’s fair. But it is lazy to just repeat the mindless blather that spews from those who are paid to hate. And if you actually believe it, then, yes, since you asked: You’re stupid.



Doing bidding

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be fired or resign because he is invaluable to President Obama’s plans for a future America. Holder can be counted on to do the bidding of his master without question. Throughout history it has been impossible for leaders like Obama to operate without functionaries like Holder.

Holder’s allegiance is not to the Constitution but to his political philosophy, which benevolently masquerades behind the iron fist of agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

With disregard for the law, this administration has shown a willingness to use government agencies in an attempt to silence its political opponents.



Worthy program

Great article about the compensated work therapy program that helps veterans find jobs, among other things (Aug. 8 Business Today). CWT is providing an excellent service for veterans who may be down on their luck or need help dealing with some mental issues.

It is very honorable what CWT does to try to help these veterans find jobs and to provide assistance with any problems they may have and support them along the way. The businesses that employ these veterans provided by CWT should be applauded for their patriotism.

These veterans who are in the program and working hard to make their lives better have proved that they didn’t want a handout but a helping hand.