Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Kobach, appliance rebate, debris removal

Kobach should check his facts

The Eagle editorial board recently suggested the Kansas law that requires proof of citizenship to register to vote should be abandoned (“Kobach wrong again,” June 19 Eagle Editorial). Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach disagreed and claimed the editorial board didn’t do its homework and print the facts (“Kansas’ voter law isn’t the same as Arizona’s,” June 29 Opinion). I suggest that Kobach should hold himself to the same standard.

Kobach provided an example of supposed voter fraud that happened in 2010 in Missouri. He claimed that 50 Somalis illegally voted for the candidate who eventually won the race by a single vote. Had Kobach done his research, he would have known that the Missouri Court of Appeals found “the evidence does not establish that the conduct was fraudulent, that any person who was not registered to vote voted.” The Missouri Legislature also investigated and didn’t support Kobach’s conclusions.

Kobach cited a second incident that supposedly took place in Cowley County in 1997. The Winfield Daily Courier reported that this was not true and the election to which he referred actually took place in Seward County.

Kobach also cited both examples almost 18 months ago in a commentary in the Topeka Capital-Journal. That should have been plenty of time for him to double-check his facts.



City giveaway

I find it totally incomprehensible that the Wichita City Council can come up with $1 million to pay people to buy water-efficient appliances but couldn’t find one dime to pay for cleanup from a natural happening.

Our City Council has taken a page out of President Obama’s playbook – rewarding irresponsible people for not doing something they should have done all along. Many of us have been conserving water for years. Do we get rewarded? No. There is no way this can be justified.

It reminds me of when the federal government gave huge rebates to buy more fuel-efficient cars. The poor still couldn’t afford to buy a new car, but the rich sure took advantage of the giveaway. That’s what is going to happen with this giveaway.

Council members need to start thinking with that thing mounted on their shoulders instead of what they sit on.



Help with debris

In response to a July 7 letter to the editor complaining about the city not helping with debris removal, I feel it is necessary to tell the other side of the story.

I live in the Callahan subdivision, which was hit very hard by the recent storm. Our whole neighborhood sustained significant damage.

I was disappointed in the first reports that the city would not be removing the debris, so I was very surprised to see city crews clearing debris. All of our branches were cut and tied into bundles near our house for what we expected would be several weeks of trash removal. Yet all our neighbors had just dragged them to the edge of the street, and theirs were removed by the city.

When I realized this, the crews were on the next street from ours. I decided to try to see what could be done to get rid of our limbs. I spoke with a very apologetic gentleman who said that if I got the limbs to the curb, they would be glad to remove them for me. I informed him they had already cleared my street, and he said he would have a truck come back.

I went home and started hauling branches to the edge of the street, and he came and started helping me. Then a dump truck arrived, and that gentleman got out and started carrying them from my house as well. I was so grateful for their help, I couldn’t thank them enough.