Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor on ICT problems, immigration reform, IRS, disc golf

Problems that new terminal won’t fix

We flew into Wichita Mid-Continent Airport on Sunday, arriving at 9:30 p.m. We waited outside the terminal for our ride. Two disturbing events were occurring. The line to access the Park and Ride Lot shuttle was half a block long, with the wait estimated by the driver as 25 to 30 minutes. There apparently was only one shuttle operating, and flights from Las Vegas, Dallas and Chicago had arrived at the same time.

The city has spent considerable time, marketing and expense promoting Park and Ride. Given that effort, you would think airport officials would have an organizational plan in place to schedule an appropriate number of shuttles in heavy-usage periods.

In the second incident, a car was parked unattended at the curb for 25 minutes, clearly in violation of security regulations. The security officer ticketed the car, but the driver did not appear in the 30 minutes we were there. The car should have been towed. Given the heavy traffic at the time, it could have been an opportunity for a criminal attack.

If Wichita wants to be a relevant airport, these basic problems must be resolved. No shiny, new building will excuse or fix the lack of consistent security enforcement and poor organization.



Home invasion

Imagine that while you and your family are at home asleep, your next-door neighbors, who like your house better than their own, jimmy a window and crawl in. Quietly, they make themselves at home. They raid the refrigerator, sleep in the guest bedroom and make messes. Before sunrise, they hide in the basement.

In the morning, your mother looks around and says, “Sam, you must find the intruders and kick them out.” Your father says it is too much trouble. Each day the neighbors are still there.

After a few weeks, your father goes to the basement and finds the neighbors sitting on the old sofa, watching TV and eating chips.

Your mother says, “Now you’ve got them. Kick them out.”

Your father says, “They’ve gone to the trouble to get in. They’ve been here almost two weeks, and they seem pretty nice. Let’s let them stay.”

I’ll bet you are thinking: That wouldn’t happen. Anyone who would let an intruder stay is a fool. Yet that is what has happened in this country – only on a much grander scale. What we have is not immigration, but illegal immigration. And our leaders are using it to gain political advantage – to buy votes from Hispanics.



‘Real’ Americans

Republican orthodoxy was on full display in “Farm bill facts” (June 23 Letters to the Editor). The writer implied that illegal immigrants were getting food stamps when in fact illegal immigrants are not eligible for welfare or food stamps.

Since President Reagan won two elections 30 years ago, the right-wing media and their political leaders have insisted, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that conservatives are a majority in our country. Any election losses or polls indicating otherwise are written off by the right as either election fraud or, in the case of polls, skewed toward urban populations. Liberals and Democratic voters are dismissed as being bought off by government spending, ignoring that a much higher percentage of rural income comes from government programs than does urban income. Right-wing Republicans never accepted President Clinton’s elections and tried to overturn the second one by impeachment. They have dropped all pretenses and simply state that President Obama is not an American, real or otherwise.

It’s OK with them to deny voting rights to inner-city voters who vote Democratic, and encourage long lines at polls where the voters are Democrats. Weakening the Voting Rights Act is the latest attempt by conservatives to rig elections in their favor. But that’s OK, for they are the only “real” Americans.



Let them pay tax

A few months back our Republican-controlled Congress became all irate because the Obama administration was targeting conservative tea party groups through the Internal Revenue Service. Congressional hearings were convened and people have lost their jobs, all in the name of justice for all. Well, as luck would have it, these same tactics were and are being used across the board (July 5 Eagle). Here is a novel idea: Abolish tax-exempt status completely.



Addictive sport

Reporter Joanna Chadwick and photographer Travis Heying did a wonderful job of exposing readers to disc golf (“A different spin on golf,” July 5 Sports). Too few know of the rising popularity and availability of this sport (10-plus courses in the greater-Wichita area).

In the late 1970s, I threw Frisbees at trees around campus, calling it golf. Thirty-five years later, I’m picking up custom discs designed to fly differently and made of a variety of plastic. No longer do I have to throw at trees, as metal baskets have taken their place. Now I get fresh air, exercise and social interaction for an initial investment of a few bucks for a disc or two – and no green fees.

The Air Capital Disc Golf Club has been instrumental in course upkeep and development, and I support its efforts to add courses within Wichita. Grab a disc and come make some new friends. Just know it can be highly addictive.