Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor on fireworks scofflaws, DMV hassle, Hobby Lobby

Enough chances for fireworks scofflaws

Six feet? The people across the street must not know how to measure in feet and inches, because the fireworks they were holding and aiming at our homes went over my 2½-story house with ease. The ones they set off in the street went just as high, and some exploded and took off over many homes and dry trees. Explosions at the north end of the block shook the air.

Yes, I reported both people for illegal fireworks, but the point is this: Many people do not care about the ordinances or the safety of those around them. They are not responsible enough to clean the paper and rocket bodies out of our yards. So why expect people to be responsible enough to “shoot ‘em where you buy ‘em”?

Wichita, you have given them enough chances to behave respectfully. Now do the right thing and ban all fireworks from the city. Because of these people, those who celebrate safely will lose, too.



Suppressing votes

Welcome to Amerika. Now, take a number and wait. And wait. I recently attempted to renew my Kansas driver’s license at the Twin Lakes office. I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and learned that my wait would be five hours and 54 minutes. This seemed slightly unreasonable to me, so I left to ponder my options.

While walking back to my car, I wondered how this would affect me if I were applying for a Kansas voter ID instead of a driver’s license. When the voter-ID law was passed, we were told that it would not inconvenience anyone. You simply go to the driver’s-license office, fill out a form, show proof of citizenship and you’re done – simple, quick and easy.

I’m sure that when drafting this law, the secretary of state could not have had any idea that this would suppress voters’ rights (wink, wink).



Higher power

Regarding a July 6 letter on Hobby Lobby’s appeal of the birth-control coverage mandate: Company founder David Green is not dictating his views. He understands that he answers to a higher power than patrons and employees. I would guess that for every outraged patron and employee there are two who will stand in the gap to support his religious belief. So please take your business to companies that won’t stand up for what’s right, and let Green have the freedom to run his business on his standards. It’s worked well for him.