Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Kobach, Capitol grounds, Hobby Lobby, coldhearted driver

Doesn’t Kobach have enough to do?

Kris Kobach is at it again, defending his position that voter fraud is running rampant in Kansas (“Kansas’ voter law isn’t the same as Arizona’s,” June 29 Opinion). Does he not have enough work to do as secretary of state of Kansas?

What is his job exactly? We taxpayers are paying him for services he doesn’t render while he defends his concocted voter-fraud laws. Now we are faced with legal fees for his preposterous laws to stop nonexistent voter fraud.

Who are these people he refers to as “aliens”? Are they some mean-spirited elves from Mars who refuse to leave planet Earth? He needs to stop creating images of undocumented immigrants, 11 million of them, as some sort of monster, bent on destroying the fabric of this country. In my opinion, they are hardworking folks who want the same opportunity our ancestors had as many of them flowed in from all parts of Europe.

America has prospered through the hard work of numerous ethnic groups on the fringe of our great society. If we pride ourselves in who we are as a mixed people, we need to free from bondage the 11 million “illegal immigrants” who have helped to build our prosperity. Grant them citizenship. And, yes, let them vote.


Valley Center

Capitol appalling

My husband and I visited Topeka last weekend with another couple and took in the local sights. We enjoyed the Kansas Museum of History and Old Prairie Town (Topeka’s version of our Old Cowtown Museum). The botanical gardens were a delight and should not be missed by anyone who enjoys a walk among trees, flowers and water features.

What we found disappointing and downright shocking was what we found when we visited the state Capitol. Having heard about the restoration work going on there, we were eager to see the progress. Though we were disappointed to find the beautiful building closed to visitors when we arrived (on a Sunday), we nevertheless took a stroll around the grounds to see the trees and flowers.

We were appalled. Though the grass had been mowed and sticks and branches picked up, the flower beds were overrun with weeds and no flowers had been planted. The trees were choked with suckers growing up around their bases. The only exceptions to this state of neglect were a few beds surrounding the military memorials where new annuals had been planted. Even the concrete sidewalks surrounding the grounds were pitted and in a general state of disrepair. I can only hope these will be eventually addressed during the renovations. The larger flower beds and the trees are nowhere close to the hard-hat areas, so I fail to understand why they’re being ignored.

I’m embarrassed to think of out-of-state visitors seeing what I can only call a blatant lack of respect for the people of Kansas and our state pride.



Dictating views

Hobby Lobby has appealed a portion of the federal health care law requiring employers that provide insurance to employees to cover birth control. The arrogance is that the founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green, is opposed to the requirement based on his religious grounds. His decision ignores the fact that he would have no income from the stores without customers, and that he could not operate his empire without workers.

The profits he derives are his wages, but should he presume that all employees share his religious views, and have his same sense of moral certitude? I think not. Should Green presume to have sufficient medical expertise to address the medical needs of his employees? I think not. Should he dictate his moral views when all revenues are derived through paying customers and hardworking employees for whom he cannot, nor should, speak as if there were just one view, one voice – his?

Green is a dedicated Christian and an admirable philanthropist. Still, he doesn’t print the money he donates. That money comes through patrons, supported by many loyal employees. As an occasional patron of Hobby Lobby, I can say that Green and I do not share the same views on this matter.



Can’t filibuster

I doubt that Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis will be able to filibuster her way out when she comes face to face with God Almighty.



Coldhearted driver

To the person who ran over the ducks that were trying to cross Webb Road (July 1 Opinion Line): What were you thinking? Were you texting or talking on your phone, or do you just have a vacant brain and cold heart? I hope no children saw what you did.

Why is it so hard for some people to stop and smell the roses once in a while, to relax a little and take time to enjoy nature for a few minutes?