Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, Southeast High

Forcing gun views on cities, towns

Starting Monday, the state mandated that cities allow guns to be carried in all public buildings, unless the building is exempted by posting more guards or using metal detectors. Supposedly this is to protect whomever from whatever.

The thing is, I’ve been trying to find any instance of Kansas state or municipal office buildings where people have even needed a weapon. Instances may have happened, but if they did, they’re so far and few between as to be basically nonexistent.

I wonder why the governor and his cadre of legislators have gone to such extremes when the past does not justify such a law. It seems the state leaders’ addiction to forcing their Second Amendment beliefs on every city or town in this state lacks even simple justification. And they’re supposed to be all for smaller government?

I guess pigs really can fly.



Already decided

According to the Wichita school board, its decision to relocate Southeast High School to a brand-new location was based in part on the cost of building a brand-new building compared with renovating the current high school and buying land for the required expansion. I think the school board just wanted to build a brand-new high school that was as shiny and new as the neighborhood it was to be located in. Why would the board want to spend the money in a neighborhood that is 50 years old?

Yes, it held meetings so community members could share their insights, and the district posted a survey online so citizens could list which of the three offered plans they preferred. And board members repeatedly stated they were listening to both sides of the issues. But in the end, all of that was unneeded.

I think the only reason this input was done was so that board members could claim it was the community that decided. The decision to build a new high school and relocate Southeast had been made months ago. We, the community, were never truly needed for anything but to be a scapegoat. And we performed the part well.