Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Westar, backward GOP, Medicaid expansion

Thanks, Westar, but two concerns

I want to thank the crews from Westar Energy for repairing damage done to utility poles and restoring power in the wake of last week’s storm. I do have a couple of concerns, though:

•  Westar’s automated power-outage report line was telling me and everyone I know that power would be restored in eight to 16 hours, which for many of us was not the case. Why doesn’t Westar give an honest time estimate so people have a better idea of how to prepare? A freezer will keep things for 18 hours, but not 36.

•  When the crew showed up, it was in three large bucket trucks with six workers. One worker went up in one bucket and spent two hours fixing one pole while five workers sat around and talked and two work trucks sat by the curb.

Now Westar is asking for a rate hike on homeowners.



Back to future?

So columnist Cal Thomas and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich want the GOP to be at the vanguard in encouraging the “pioneers of the future” (“GOP should seize future, not hold on to past,” June 26 Opinion). Last time I looked, this same party viewed the Bible as a science book. Its leaders break out in hives when they hear the terms “stem cells” and “evolution.” They gut funding for education programs.

Their contempt toward women and obsessive need to control women’s fertility are equally alarming. Thomas wants to mandate sonograms. What a simplistic, condescending solution to abortion. Women don’t have this procedure done because they don’t comprehend what is inside them. The main cause of abortion is the lack of financial ability to support a child. A better remedy would include free and easy access to birth control, an increase in minimum wage so a job will actually support you, and the provision of generous social safety nets. These are efforts the GOP is loath to support.

I can’t see why Thomas is so worried. I think the conservative conjuring of a bygone era has been remarkably successful. They are plunging us back into the Gilded Age when only the wealthy elites, “God’s elect,” were considered worthy of vast new opportunities for jobs, economic growth, long-term prosperity and better health.



Jobs lost

Kansas partisan politicians have stuck it to the public by not doing anything about Medicaid expansion. Through their inaction, jobs will be lost because federal funds are not made available (but used by other states). This is not a good development for the state. And Topeka’s “brain trust” is where all blame rests.

So much for progress and prosperity.