Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on NCAT funding, gun-free zones, tornado tip

Go ahead and cut NCAT funding

I hope they do cut the budget for Wichita’s National Center for Aviation Training (May 19 Local & State). I’ve never understood why it was funded in the first place.

If such a facility were really necessary, the industries needing those trained individuals could have put together a joint venture and trained people themselves. It’s not fair for aviation to be subsidized with tax money and not other industries. And if it continues to be subsidized, I hope the managing organization does a better job than the city did in managing Lawrence-Dumont Stadium (“City admits it ‘dropped the ball’ on tournament,” May 19 Eagle).

I’m sure taxpayers are getting tired of funding projects for friends of the local politicians.


Valley Center

Shooting zones

As the grandfather of two kindergarten children, I grieved about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. As the anti-gun rhetoric began, it occurred to me that none of the gun-control measures proposed could have stopped that unspeakable horror. So when Sandy Hook gets trotted out in most speeches calling for stricter gun controls, I wonder just what the true agenda is.

An interesting fact I discovered: One common variable in nearly every such shooting is that “gun-free zone” signs are posted, and the murderers knew they would not encounter any armed resistance. They’re crazy, not stupid.



Tornado tip

I have lived in Kansas nearly 45 years and would like to thank all the media people who try to keep us safe. One particular person I would like to mention is Ross Janssen at KWCH, Channel 12.

I never wear my shoes in the house, and I always run to the basement when there is a tornado warning without thinking of the shoes. When Janssen reminded the viewers Sunday about wearing their shoes, he gave a valuable tip. Now my extra shoes are ready and in the basement. Thanks, Janssen and Channel 12, for a great tip.

Also, if Gov. Sam Brownback really cares about families and family values, he should put a safe room in every Kansas school. Allowing a family to lose a child to a tornado because of the lack of a safe room is no family value at all.