Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on sequester, buying liquor, abortion, East High swimmers, wrong number

Get busy and stop draconian cuts

The members of our congressional delegation need to get busy and do the work of the people they have sworn to do. They need to stop the partisan politics, and compromise with the president and the Democrats to stop the draconian cuts that are a requirement of the sequester. They need to agree with a balanced approach to our fiscal problems – cutting spending (President Obama has proposed $4 trillion in cuts over 10 years) and raising revenue by closing loopholes that the wealthiest Americans and big businesses enjoy.

So far, the Republicans have said they will only agree to cuts in social programs – which will hurt the poor, the elderly and the middle class – and their own sacred cow, the military, which will compromise and weaken our national security. The president has proposed modest cuts to social programs, cutting waste and increasing efficiency but not cutting benefits, and cuts to the military that would not hurt our national security.

Wake up, Republicans, and get busy solving our problems, even though it means you will have to work with Democrats. Stop fighting for the upper hand in politics for a change. We expect it and deserve it.



Let citizens choose

Among the many benefits of Kansas living are the free-market principles valued by the people and initiated by the state. Yet in one area we’ve long avoided changing how adult beverages are sold – allowing the government, not consumers, to dictate where these items are purchased.

At Dillons, our store associates field questions daily from customers who ask why they can’t purchase adult beverages while shopping in our stores. Were it not for restrictive Kansas laws adopted during the Prohibition era, Dillons customers would have the benefit of choosing to purchase their dinner wine at the same time they’re shopping for the week’s grocery items.

Missouri and Nebraska are among the 36 states that have empowered their citizens to choose where they purchase adult beverages. Many Kansas residents living along these borders opt to cross the border, where grocery shopping can include the purchase of alcoholic beverages in both states.

By adopting laws that favor consumer choice, Kansas not only can stop the loss of tax dollars to Missouri and Nebraska, but also reap the economic benefits that stem from grocery, convenience and liquor stores competing in an open market.

I encourage you to share your support of Dillons and the Uncork Kansas coalition by contacting your legislative representatives. You can also learn more at www.uncorkkansas.com. It’s time for the law to benefit consumers, not the special-interest retailer.



Dillon Food Stores


Talk about intrusive

It is ironic that some of the Republican legislators feel that the Transportation Security Administration pat-down at airports is too intrusive (Feb. 15 Eagle). Perhaps they should give some thought to what they are subjecting women to if they need an abortion.

The early ultrasound requirement that is being considered can be painful and intrusive, particularly if it is not medically warranted.

Men seem to be determined to make women feel ashamed and guilty about having an abortion when often it might not be necessary if a man had not chosen to walk away from his responsibilities.



Great job, East

Congratulations to coach Joe Hutchinson and the Wichita East High School boy’s swimming and diving team on the Class 6A state championship title (Feb. 17 Sports). I was a swimmer under Hutchinson at East from 1995 to 1999, when we were still using the pool built with the school in the 1930s. Though we placed third in the state championship my senior year, we were well aware of our outdated facilities compared with other high schools across Kansas.

With the help and support of our great community, the 2008 bond issue passed, which included a brand-new natatorium for East High. East swimming and diving teams have been able to train and compete in this new pool for the past two seasons, and it was clearly a great investment.



Wrong number

Mothers and sometimes fathers cut out and save newspaper articles that include information regarding their children. These articles often find their way into scrapbooks and photograph albums as a way of preserving their children’s achievements in education, music, art and sports.

How sad that the parents of Wichita North High School basketball player Conner Frankamp must use correction fluid and perhaps a black ink pen to rectify the wrongly printed number of his accumulated high school points as 2,133 in an information box in the Feb. 16 Eagle Sports pages. Even though the article included the correct number of 2,233, the incorrect number in the information box, alongside Perry Ellis’ 2,231, was confusing.

Proofreading is always important. However, this error was especially glaring because it involved an outstanding achievement of one of Wichita’s finest athletes.



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