Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on school funding, abortion clinic, GOP moochers, KU/WSU game

Speak out on school funding

Upon making a new acquaintance I proudly introduce myself as an elementary educator, to then hear three highly predictable responses: “I can’t even imagine how elementary teachers do what they do.” “Elementary teaching is surely one of the most important careers in our culture.” “Teachers are the most underpaid professionals of all.”

Elementary teachers wear many hats while managing the education of well more than 20 young learners – offering instruction within curricula including several subjects; personalizing instruction for multiple levels of readiness, including learning opportunities for both the very bright and the slower learners while teaching with “grade-level” materials; addressing complicated social-development issues; often dealing with hungry or ill students; maintaining a civil and productive learning ethos within the confines of a relatively small classroom space, and often doing so without the materials, media and support that would enhance this goal. All of this and more is expected with little regard for the enormous emotional and physical energies demanded.

Is it any wonder that I leave every teacher intern observation in an elementary classroom feeling a sense of resentment toward Gov. Sam Brownback’s thinly disguised intention to reduce even adequate support for our public schools?

Every Kansas citizen who will be negatively affected by weakened elementary education, and this would be every Kansas citizen, is well-advised to speak out as the budget for public schools is being formulated.



Prevent clinic

Wichita has been free of abortions since May 31, 2009. That was the day that abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered.

For almost four years, no abortions have been performed in Wichita. As I have driven down Kellogg past the former clinic, I have prayed for Tiller and the women who had abortions, and I have thanked God that no more babies were being killed in Wichita.

If nothing is done by the Wichita City Council, the monster of abortion will again live in Wichita.

Recently, the nation was shocked when 20 little children were killed by a maniac who then took his own life. But it seems to have gone unnoticed, and people don’t seem to care, that Tiller performed tens of thousands of abortions at his building on Kellogg.

Thousands of Wichita citizens have signed petitions requesting that this building be rezoned to prevent it from being used for abortions (Feb. 6 Local & State). The City Council needs to take whatever legal action is necessary to prevent the clinic from ever being used for this evil purpose again.



Protesters’ fault

The Jan. 30 Eagle article on the opening of the South Wind Women’s Center had Kansans for Life’s David Gittrich saying that the neighborhood was not a quiet, peaceful place when that clinic was open, before abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered. What Gittrich failed to say was that it was his group’s fault that the neighborhood was not quiet and peaceful.

Ever since the “Summer of Mercy,” anti-abortion groups had invaded that neighborhood with chants and protests that disrupted the peace of the neighborhood. They encouraged people to honk their horns as they passed by, they used bullhorns to scream their protests, and they flooded the neighborhood with unwanted traffic and cars parked nearby.

He and his cohorts take no responsibility in doing this. They failed to take into account that some of the people living in that neighborhood may have been second- or third-shift workers who were trying to get their much-needed rest.

They made life miserable for the people who lived in that neighborhood, but in no way did they care.

Once that clinic reopens – and it will not only provide abortions but also other women’s health services – the protesters will be back. I would encourage the neighborhood to make reports to the police of the disturbances and public nuisances that the protesters cause.



GOP moochers

A few days ago my wife and I were discussing how we know several individuals and families who receive different kinds of government “handouts,” including Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits, disability payments, American Indian benefits, farm subsidies, free school lunches and grants for research, etc. They don’t want to give up their benefits, but are staunch Republicans and talk about Democrats wasting our money and taking away our rights. Then we heard about red states having more “moochers” than blue states. Very interesting.

I am sure there are other reasons for this phenomena, but perhaps one is that political affiliation and ideology, like religion, seem to often override reality. And they do not like to have their “mindsets” challenged.



Games make sense

Having all three of our major college basketball teams play one another makes a lot of sense (Feb. 5 Eagle). Lots of revenue would be generated and would stay in Kansas – such as the turnpike tolls and for gasoline, motels and restaurants in Wichita, Manhattan and Lawrence.

Too bad they couldn’t do the same with football, but neither Wichita State University nor the University of Kansas has a football team.