Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Latinos, gun control, school funding

The Hispanic/Latino reality

The first Hispanic/Latino immigrant to set foot in Kansas was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado back in the mid-1500s. Since that time, Hispanics and Latinos, and especially the Latino immigrant community, have been an enigma to many people. We have been defined, labeled, stigmatized, demonized, ostracized and disrespected. Some have portrayed us as terrorists and criminals, and even suggested that Latino immigrants deserve the same treatment as feral hogs. This is our reality.

Yet our reality also lies in the fact that we are a body of 50 million individuals whose respective cultures are rooted in 22 different countries. We are one Hispanic/Latino body with two distinct personalities – a U.S. native-born persona and an immigrant persona composed of 11 million undocumented immigrant families. All Latinos are part of one big family. As such, we respect all our Latino cultures connected by language, customs, food, faith, love of our families, and dreams of a better future for our children.

As a society, we must work toward affording all Latinos first-class citizenship, shifting from an approach of exclusion and punishment to a focus on inclusion and full societal incorporation. Only then will our American society be fully enabled and prepared to successfully meet our 21st-century challenges.


State director

League of United Latin American Citizens


Keep my guns

In response to all the current gun-control efforts, I have decided that I’ll willingly give up my single-shot .22 rifle as soon as there is no longer any politician – and never will be another – willing to take any of my rights, and there no longer are any people who would endanger me or my loved ones or property. The police also will be able to disarm themselves, because there will be no social threats, every one of the mentally ill will have been successfully treated or institutionalized, and there will be no predators, human or otherwise, that would infringe on my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I will keep the rest of my guns just to make sure that none of the above returns, and because I enjoy shooting sports.



Modernize funding

The state needs to modernize its school-funding formula. Spending on our schools must be a priority in order to maximize the opportunities of the future. However, the money directed toward schools should be used effectively and examined closely. Investing in America’s future workforce is important and should not be overlooked in the present.


Bel Aire