Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on the Fed, knitters, fluoridation, food police, medical information exchange

Fed, politicians transforming U.S.

With its latest announcement to outright make/buy home mortgages, the Federal Reserve has transformed itself into the replacement for the failed institutions of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but with one huge difference: The Fed will simply and shamelessly print the money it uses to make/buy home mortgages. It does not have to borrow that money honestly in a free credit market at fair interest rates from willing lenders like school pension funds or middle class retirees’ 401(k) accounts, which have recently been punished and are now being doomed by the Fed’s actions.

The Fed is doing this with the encouragement and blessing of a Congress and White House (Republican and Democrat alike) that have repeatedly failed to lead the American people with principles and convictions based on our historic and patriotic spirit of self-reliance and social charity. We can expect no difference in the coming years, regardless of who wins the election.

Where is the hue and cry in the face of such a corrupt and blatant seizure of our individual economic freedom and such a shocking usurpation of our corresponding economic responsibility?

America is still a better place to live than many other places in the world, but we are witnessing the transformation of America into a land where the people live from day to day on false promises made by politicians who have been bought and paid for by powerful private international economic interests. These interests have and will continue to use the Fed for their own enrichment at the expense of every honest American.



Knitters do help

Regarding “Shame on knitters” (Sept. 26 Letters to the Editor): For many years, area knitters have sent helmet hats to our servicemen, given hundreds of hats and scarves to the homeless through the Open Door ministry, and given hats for premature babies in local hospitals. Sometimes it is also fun to use our creativity for pure enjoyment, as was the Wichita State University “yarn bombing” (Sept. 19 Local & State). Many did enjoy the campus displays.



Simple solution

As a career child advocate, I have been relying on facts in my work to make Kansas a better place for children and families for more than three decades. One fact that often surprises people: Dental disease is the most common chronic childhood illness.

Water fluoridation is a simple solution our city could implement to help Wichita kids. Unfortunately, opponents are asserting that fluoridating Wichita’s water would cause a condition called “fluorosis.” The truth is that most fluorosis in the United States is a white spotting on the teeth and does not cause any health problems. The National Research Council concluded that severe dental fluorosis is only a risk at extremely high water fluoridation levels and is “close to zero” risk at the level found in optimally fluoridated water. At the rate Wichita is suggesting, children definitely will not be getting a “high exposure.”

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics support fluoridation because it helps prevent dental decay. I support fluoridation because giving our kids a healthy start helps ensure they can grow up to achieve their true potential.



Assault on liberties

Be warned and get ready, my freedom-loving friends, for the next assault on our liberties from those who know best.

First it was the anti-tobacco fascists, then the anti-cavity and pro-fluoride fascists. Next to assault our sensibilities and protect us from ourselves will be the anti-obesity fascists.

There are already a few of them around the country limiting the people’s choices by the power of government – restricting soft-drink sizes and what kinds of fat one can use for cooking, requiring that calorie counts be posted, etc. Will our local lawmakers soon seek to limit our freedom to choose (all in the cause of “promoting the general welfare,” of course)?

There are those who, if they cannot win over enough people to their more enlightened point of view, will pass around a petition and use the power of government to force the “dumb masses” to obey their lifestyle choice so “we the people” will do what is the best for us – and for society, too, while we’re at it.



Have to opt out

“State to take over medical information exchanges” (Sept. 20 Business Today) reported that “patients must give permission to be included” on the exchange. That was incorrect.

Electronic health records of Kansas patients will be automatically included on the network unless a patient explicitly opts out using a form at khie.org/for-consumers/opt-out.

As doctors and hospitals connect to the exchange, they are required by law to notify their patients of the change and how to opt out. If patients do nothing, their permission is implicit.

This distinction reflects Kansas’ status as an opt-out state. Other states such as Missouri are “opt-in” and require explicit patient permission before their electronic health records can be made available over the exchange.


President and CEO

Kansas Health Institute