Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on 53 percent, media bias, charging seniors to fish

Didn’t get where I am on my own

I am part of the 53 percent. I work hard, as does my husband. We pay lots of taxes, own our home, and take responsibility for our lives. However, I have not forgotten how very lucky I am to be where I am.

I have worked hard, completed school, obtained a salable skill, and lived up to the Protestant work ethic. But I do not forget that I was born intelligent, healthy and white to a two-parent home. I went to public schools and a state university, which was paid for by my parents.

No one gave us what we have, but in no way did we get what we have only on our own. I will remember that not everyone is as lucky as I am, and I plan to continue to pay taxes to help those who were not born as fortunate as I was.

Yes, I imagine I will end up helping some people who haven’t worked as hard as I have, but that is a lesser evil than not helping those who are working as hard as they can and merely need a hand up. I am part of the 53 percent, and my vote will go to President Obama.



Reverse tide

Have we forgotten all of the negative press that George W. Bush received over the economy leading up to the 2008 election? Where are the media now? Are they ignoring all of the economic problems today and all of the failed promises of the Obama administration? It is blatantly obvious that the media want four more years of this direction.

Keynesian economics by both parties have failed once again. We need to elect an administration that is willing to make difficult choices in reforming entitlement programs, cutting wasteful spending and helping create an environment of economic growth. The Obama administration shows no propensity for fixing our fiscal issues.

The media ignore massive debt, unemployment and the crony capitalism of this administration. This is what happens when the vast majority of journalists lean to the left.

This is not a popularity contest. This is a choice between the free-market capitalism that made us the richest nation in the world and the European socialist model that has us going broke. It is time to reverse the tide.



Taking rights

Once again, our government is taking away our rights. Starting Jan. 1, Kansans 65 to 74 will be charged for fishing and hunting licenses. I worked hard all my life to get to the position where I could go fishing and hunting without having to buy a license.