Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Congress blame, paying for services, trade deals

Voters out of touch with reality

I would like to think that most voters are connected to reality, but there have been far too many examples recently of the many who are not.

No president has ever been a savior or a villain. A president can provide leadership, promotions, proposals to Congress and vetoes. However, it is Congress that must approve all budgets and regulations.

Any problem that faces the country today is the result of congressional action, or the lack of congressional action. It’s for good reason that Congress has the lowest approval rating it has ever had – 13 percent. And yet more than 90 percent of members of Congress get re-elected.

Another example of being out of touch is how many voters believe the invalid criticisms of the current president and believe that most of the promises made by the opposition candidate can and will be carried out if he is elected president. A president cannot deliver any of his campaign promises by himself; Congress has to take the actions.

Voters and candidates are also out of touch on issues such as the federal deficit and debt. The reality is that there is only one realistic solution: to both reduce government spending somewhat and increase taxes somewhat. If Congress – not the president – does not take these steps, in the near future there will be an economic downturn much greater than the recent recession.

If the voters continue to elect these people out of contact with reality, the reality of economic depression and political disaster are very likely to take place.



Pay for services

How distressing to realize that some Americans don’t understand their monetary contributions to the government.

Check your pay stubs from your employer to be reminded that every paycheck reflects a payment of your wages for Social Security, Medicare and a myriad of other government programs and taxes. Don’t forget: Your employer also contributes. The government is merely a steward (albeit a pathetic one) of your monetary contributions to Social Security and Medicare, operating with the understanding that when you retire from the workforce those funds will be there for you.

Veterans Affairs loans are not a handout. They are a very small “thank you” for extraordinary service for our country. They are not “freebies” but loans, implying they should be paid back. Utilizing the GI Bill also isn’t a handout, but was paid for in blood, sweat and tears for our country.

But if after all this – your many years of reported employment or service for your country – you still believe that these government programs do not operate off your hard-earned money, then this current administration has done a most thorough job of brainwashing you into believing that you belong in a culture of government dependence.

How very frightening. It is past time for a change of leadership.



End trade deals

“Cheap foreign labor hurts middle class” (Sept. 16 Letters to the Editor) was correct but stopped short on giving remedies.

As proud Americans, we should elect servants who are dedicated to making America strong, not “global.” The trade policies enacted in the 1990s should be immediately repealed, and we should withdraw from the World Trade Organization.

Until we have candidates for president who make a commitment to the American people to abandon the WTO, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and the North American Free Trade Agreement, we will continue to lose American jobs to those foreign countries that pay little to their workers and that have virtually no regulations in place to protect an environment that is being destroyed by unregulated industries.

We can educate all we want, but when America builds nothing but restaurants, few cars and even fewer electronics, why bother? We should demand better of our politicians, and quit worrying about trivial things that do not develop our once-strong industrial America.