Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on rape, Yoder, airport terminal, Obama’s strategy, guns

Rape is defined by lack of consent

Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., boldly asserted that a “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregnancy. I’m sure the countless victims in Bosnia and other war-torn countries will derive inestimable comfort from Akin’s claims.

I’m not confident that his medical knowledge matches his arrogance. Pregnancies are not thwarted by fear; they are enabled by fertility. If a woman or young girl is able to conceive when a rape occurs, a pregnancy can and has been effected.

I’m somewhat embarrassed to teach Akin the legitimate facts in this case: Rape is defined by lack of consent – not by character, intelligence or political machinations. And pregnancies resulting from rape take place far more often than Akin or the oddly named “right-to-life” groups supporting the embattled politician could ever have envisioned.



Not honorable

Members of Congress are sometimes addressed as “honorable.” What is honorable about Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Overland Park, skinny-dipping while on a political junket in a foreign country? What is honorable about refusing to take a blood-alcohol test when stopped by the Kansas Highway Patrol, as Yoder did in 2009?

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, said that congressmen should act responsibly. That was fine as far as it went, but it didn’t go far enough in condemning bad acting.

Finally, I ask: What was the purpose of such a political junket, which was sponsored and paid for by a foreign lobby group?

I am a lifelong Republican, but I do not condone bad behavior, whether it is that of a Republican or a Democrat. Congress has an approval rating of 10 percent. Is zero percent next?



Build terminal

Earlier this month The Eagle reported that Dondlinger and Sons Construction Co. would not sue over the city airport contract (Aug. 4 Business Today). This was great news, and I want to applaud Dondlinger for not continuing to fight this issue. However, the question remains: When is construction going to begin to replace Wichita’s dilapidated airport terminal and build the new parking garage?

We continue to spend money fixing and upgrading the current facility, which is clearly at the end of its usable life span. Jet bridges are failing. We are spending money to install a fourth security line in an area not made for one. Yet the groundbreaking on the new terminal still waits. The parking area adjacent to the airport, short and long term parking, is a mess. A good overlay of asphalt is desperately needed – more money down the drain.

The mayor, City Council and airport board need to get this project moving before federal funding is lost. Let’s get this terminal built.



Obama’s strategy

An ad by a pro-Obama group implying that Mitt Romney caused a woman’s death, together with Vice President Joe Biden’s “accidental” comment about putting certain people back into chains, is indicative of the kind of campaign we can expect from President Obama.

Obama’s election strategy is clear: He can’t brag about his record, so he will demonize Romney. I expect Obama to warn us that Romney will bash gays, use scabs to break up labor unions, deport all Hispanics, force women to use unsterilized coat hangers for abortions, shut down the welfare system, put the elderly on a dog-food diet, and put teachers under a merit system.

In his desperation, Obama will beat all the dead horses, knock down all the straw men, milk all the sacred cows and drag a red herring across his trail. If Obama is desperate enough, I think he will even promise the Native Americans that he personally will bring back the buffalo herds.

On a promising note, I predict that Obama will also announce an unlimited budget to find a cure for demeaning plebney.



Not well-regulated

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people – with guns. Quite a lot lately.

There are 88.8 firearms per 100 people in the United States, none part of a well-regulated militia.

I am not afraid of guns. I served in the U.S. Air Force in the Air Police in both law enforcement and security. I’m qualified with five firearms, and I carried one or two daily.

I am afraid of the men who believe it is their right to bear arms in order to protect themselves and those around them. How many of them have received professional training on weapons safety? Do they know how difficult it is to hit a target with a handgun, or have the good judgment to know if and when to be the second person in a crowded theater firing a gun, or just carrying one safely?

Recently, there was a man sitting in a movie theater in Sparks, Nev. When he moved a bit his handgun fell from his pocket, hit the floor and discharged. He was wounded “somewhere in an unknown portion of his buttocks.” He went to a hospital, was treated and released. Poor guy.

I am comfortable in public with both you and me unarmed.