Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on voter restrictions, campaign article, gas rate increase, playing God

Ready for more voting restrictions?

More than a week after the primaries, Kansas was still trying to make sense of the mess created by Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s overhaul of our electoral system. New voter-ID restrictions, complicated election technology and redistricting shenanigans set the stage for mass confusion and disenfranchised many.

KanVote volunteers were on site to witness the confusion firsthand. While some question the impartiality of our volunteers, none can question the more than 1,000 provisional ballots cast in Sedgwick County and the thousands of others cast across the state. Despite Kobach’s claims that there were no major complications, each provisional ballot represents a voting complication. What’s worse is that many of these provisional ballots have gone uncounted, each representing a disenfranchised voter.

While election workers in counties across the state filed through mounds of provisional ballots to determine the outcome of several races a week after the election and assess kinks in the system before the November general election, our chief elections official left the state to carry on his nativist crusade in Pennsylvania and Alabama. While Kobach pursues his real passion, Kansans should be asking themselves: Are we ready to pursue additional voting restrictions come January?



Misleading article

“Stark contrasts promise vigorous election battle” (Aug. 19 Eagle) was misleading. The article compared the current election to Barry Goldwater versus Lyndon Johnson, claiming that the Great Society message trounced personal responsibility with lean government.

I followed the election in 1964 and can tell you that Johnson won the election by inducing fear. He ran a television ad showing a little girl pulling daisy petals and counting them, followed by an atomic bomb countdown and explosion with a mushroom cloud. The ad stated that the stakes were too high and that you needed to vote for Johnson. Goldwater had advised pulling out of Vietnam if we were not ready to declare war on North Vietnam and had never advocated the use of atomic bombs against North Vietnam. Had Goldwater won, we would have been out of the Vietnam War sooner.

Also, the scheme that crashed our economy was not top-down economics but rather Jimmy Carter’s 1997 Community Reinvestment Act, which required banks and saving institutions to make loans to lower-income people who would likely default on them.

Only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can get our country out of debt and on the road to prosperity. Four more years of President Obama and there will be a meager existence for all under socialism.


Bel Aire

The way it is

Why all the hubbub about the gas company wanting to raise the bill of the small residential user to subsidize a cut for the large business user? Our state government is set to increase the income tax on the single mother earning minimum wage to subsidize a cut or even total elimination of income taxes on high earners. That’s just the way it is in Brownbackistan.



Playing God

Although our response to challenges has led human beings to make many worthwhile advances over the centuries, our desire to be in control and play God has made us so inept at living that on that score we are essentially hopeless.