Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on gas rate increase, water recharge project, moderates, Romney’s taxes, gaffes, egg yolks

Gas rate increase is ridiculous

The rate increase sought by Kansas Gas Service is just an attempt to have homeowners subsidize big businesses’ costs, thereby increasing their profits.

The 10.75 percent rate of return for stockholders is ridiculous. Investors aren’t going to put their money in a bank where they would only receive 0.5 to 1.5 percent in interest. The biggest winners would probably be Kansas Gas’ managers, who may own a lot of the company’s stock.

A revenue guarantee? How about KGS instituting some cost-cutting measures? How about a 20 percent reduction in the management salaries?

Others may not have noticed the proposed decrease of 20 percent for some customers. That wasn’t highlighted with a blue square in the pamphlet the company sent out. It was hidden a couple of paragraphs down.



Pay for recharge

Wichita and Kansas have committed to a highly technical process to recharge the Equus Beds aquifer. To complete the next phase, Wichita is asking the state for $2 million (Aug. 18 Eagle). The state has provided 1 percent of the funding so far. Meanwhile, agriculture uses half the water for irrigation. Something has to give.

The state needs to participate in the name of agriculture, a valid economic pursuit, or shut down agriculture so the people who pay for the recharge get the full benefit. If there is not a $2 million benefit to agriculture, then stop it. If there is a cost-effective benefit, then pay up. But don’t have residential and business users in Wichita subsidize agriculture irrigation.



Stay with GOP?

I wanted to allow the moderate Republicans a couple weeks for the primary election results to sink into their psyche.

I want to ask a simple question of all the supporters of state Sens. Steve Morris, R-Hugoton, Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, and Ruth Teichman, R-Stafford: How does it feel not to have a political party to belong to anymore? The GOP in Kansas is officially dead unless you are a tea partier. Former U.S. Sens. Bob Dole and Nancy Kassebaum and former Gov. Bill Graves never would have won their political positions under the new ultraconservative show.

Take a moment and think back to the attacks made against moderate candidates. Schodorf and Teichman were dedicated servants to the people of their districts. I disagreed with many of their stances on issues but also knew they were practical and reasonable. These two ladies were vilified by their opponents. Can moderates follow a party that despises their beliefs and values?

Over the next few weeks, moderate Republicans need to do some soul-searching on whether they want to stay with a party that hates them. Or they can change direction and realize that moderates and conservative Democrats can take back the state and get it moving in the right direction.



13% of what?

Mitt Romney said he paid no less than 13 percent in taxes. But 13 percent of what?

I assume he meant 13 percent of “taxable income,” per Internal Revenue Service rules. Well, what portion of his total income was taxable income?

The devil is in the details. What are his income taxes as a percentage of his total gross income?



Treat gaffes same

I remember a few years ago when then-Vice President Dan Quayle corrected a grade school student on the spelling of potato (Quayle said that it should have an “e” on the end). Turns out it can be spelled either way, but the press and the Democrats teased Quayle, pretty much calling him stupid.

Why isn’t the same standard applied to Vice President Joe Biden, who in a speech last week said, “We can win North Carolina again.” The problem was that he was in Virginia. Where was that in the newspaper?

Let’s be fair to all the gaffes that all of them make, not just the ones by Republicans.


Bel Aire

Eggs not equal

Thanks for publishing the announcement regarding the newest study on whether egg yolks are good or bad for us (Aug. 16 Eagle). In defense of farm-fresh eggs, I would like to note that several variables were left out of this study.

Did the participants exercise regularly? Did they eat a diet high in natural fiber consumed from fresh fruits and vegetables? Did they consume soda or diets high in saturated fats, flour and sugar?

It would be nice to compare these components as well as to compare free-range, grass-fed, farm-fresh eggs with industrial quality, and whether or not the eggs were stored in refrigeration and for how long. Keep in mind that not all eggs are created equal.

Egg yolks do contain the good cholesterol and are a good source of protein, as the article said. However, it did not mention that egg yolks contain lutein, necessary for good eyesight; selenium, an excellent antioxidant; and choline, which is good for your brain. Eggs are also a natural source of vitamins D, B12, B6, E and omega-3s. The list goes on and on. Do your own research and decide for yourself.