Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Airbus summit, Cowtown, tax cuts, moderates, real job creators

Thanks for making summit a success

I had the pleasure on Aug. 6 of welcoming Airbus and more than 200 representatives from 114 aviation suppliers to Kansas’ first Air Capital Supplier Summit in Wichita. The event was aimed at facilitating more business between Kansas companies and Airbus.

As noted in “High hopes at summit” (Aug. 8 Eagle Editorial), Airbus has set a long-term goal to double procurement – which amounted to $12 billion in 2011 alone – in the United States over the next decade. We are thankful Airbus is looking to our state’s world-class aviation industry to provide the quality products, innovative solutions and talented workforce the company needs for continued success.

I extend my sincerest thanks to the regional suppliers and the businessmen and women who responded with great enthusiasm to the summit. Their participation made certain that the best of Wichita’s aerospace and technology industries were on full display at the National Center for Aviation Training. The event was so successful that Airbus already has agreed to join me in co-hosting a second summit in Kansas.

The signs near Airbus’ engineering center in Old Town read, “Airbus: Proud to Call Wichita Home.” Kansas is just as proud to be part of the Airbus family, and as The Eagle’s editorial put it, we look forward to “a long, beautiful and lucrative partnership.”


U.S. senator


Preserve Cowtown

Here we go again. The city manager and John D’Angelo, arts and cultural services manager for the city, are trying to wipe out Old Cowtown Museum (July 26 Eagle).

About six years ago, the city make it quite clear to Cowtown: Clean up your act or you’re done. Since then I have noticed a marked improvement on many fronts. Buildings and boardwalks have been repaired. There are more special events and regular seasonal days and events. More things that were donated and sitting in storage are now displayed.

Wichita politicians don’t seem to have a clue as to the historic value and benefit of wonderful Cowtown. All the money being spent on WaterWalk, the Douglas downtown improvements and tax breaks for new businesses could be better spent to preserve the historic and hardworking values of Wichita.

Don’t forget where you came from and who sacrificed everything to start a little town called Wichita.



Sad commentary

President Obama told an audience that sometimes people get help along the way to being successful, and Mitt Romney gave a similar message to an audience of Olympians. These two positive messages encouraging gratitude were sabotaged by political spin doctors and used for political gain.

One message has been cast as socialism, the other as a political gotcha. What a sad commentary about us.

Politicians know that mud and fear get votes, and we follow them into the gutter. This is a perfect example of how that process takes place.

If you wonder why Congress suffers from political polarization, take a look in the mirror.



All get tax cut

It’s a shame that the obvious needs to be pointed out. The tax cut proposed by President Obama and the Democrats is not merely a tax cut for 98 percent of the population. It is a tax cut on 100 percent of working Americans.

It is a tax cut for the first $250,000 made, meaning millionaires and billionaires benefit from the tax cut, not just those making less than $250,000. The Republicans want to provide an additional tax cut to the wealthy.

President Bush’s tax cuts were set to expire. If Congress does nothing, then all taxes will go up automatically. If Republicans wish to filibuster another bill, they’ll be the ones raising the taxes on everyone.

So ask Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, where he stands. Will he raise everyone’s taxes, or will he support the Democratic tax-cut plan?



‘No’ to moderates

I would like to respond to those who believe we need to elect more moderates to Congress, so they can all get along.

How do they think we got to be $16 trillion in debt? The answer is obvious: It was liberal Democrats, moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans and George W. Bush, a moderate president.

The only way to get out of this mess is to elect conservative Democrats and Republicans. If we have four more years of President Obama and the liberals and moderates, we will be more than $20 trillion in debt.



Real job creators

My first job and many since were working for my neighbors, who I am certain were all among the lower 99 percent by wealth.

The notion that the 1 percent or wealthiest are the only ones who create American jobs is more trickle-down fairy-dust poppycock. The 1-percenters are more likely to create foreign jobs with foreign investment.

Progressive income taxes pursue fairness by considering ability to pay. The wealthiest get tax credits and subsidies unavailable to the poor and middle class.

Everyone must work at deficit and debt sustainability. The middle class and poor create jobs in America every time they spend (consume) or save (invest).