Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on moderates, Cowtown, Sikh faith, robocalls, climate change, inspiring ad

Should moderates form third party?

Has our election process divided America? Is it time to dump the primaries? Or do we need a third party dedicated to moderate policymaking?

I attended a political rally where both Republican and Democratic candidates for the Kansas Senate were allowed to speak and answer questions. Both parties had two candidates vying against each other in the primary. It was obvious after they answered a few questions that each party had a moderate running against a hard-core party ideologue.

I hoped the moderates would win the primary, as I believed either would make a fine public servant. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

It was obvious to me from viewing the results of the election in my district that the base of each party is too strong and numerous, and moderates can’t get enough votes in primary elections. Therefore we end up with candidates in November from the far right and far left.

Is it any wonder our country feels so divided, and there is so little compromise in Topeka and Washington, D.C.?

I was hoping that in November I would get to vote for someone interested in serving the public and not his political party. Foolish me.



Don’t cut Cowtown

The possible cuts being made to Old Cowtown Museum’s budget are of great concern to us as long-term Cowtown volunteers. The budget of Cowtown has been cut in years past. The previous cuts left Cowtown with a staff that could barely keep up with the demands of school tours and scheduled visits.

Further cuts would mean limiting Cowtown’s service even more.

The value of Cowtown to the Wichita community is immeasurable. To have a living history museum of its kind in our city brings incredible depth of understanding to history, Western culture and a past way of life. We have seen many visitors come away from a visit to Cowtown excited by what they just encountered and its unique qualities.





Respect Sikh faith

I am so saddened by the shootings and deaths that took place in and outside a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. My respect for the Sikh faith spans decades and lives within my very soul.

In 1988, while the interfaith community of Wichita hosted Sikhs at the Broadview Hotel, we witnessed how they would put their holy book to bed at night and sleep in reverence on the floor next to it. On numerous occasions I have prayed alongside the Sikhs. While their rituals remain foreign to me, their love and acceptance have always made me feel at home.

A few years ago I participated in a Sikh-sponsored “reconciliation event” in India. While there I attended a church, a synagogue and a mosque built by Sikhs and located in an impoverished area of New Delhi. The Sikhs’ holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) fosters peace and calls for equality and respect for the religions of the world.

My heart was saddened when I learned that a gunman would shoot people while their holy book was being read.


Global Faith in Action


Block robocalls

Somehow I am getting a lot of political calls on my cellphone. Because of these calls, my cellphone bill is going up. Are either of the two parties going to come to my aid and help me pay my cellphone bill?

I would like to see some kind of legislation for political robocalls similar to the Do Not Call Registry. I am tired of getting them. I received phone calls from California on behalf of a Kansas state candidate and from Kansas City for a Sedgwick County commissioner. This is beyond ridiculous.

Some of these calls go on and on about how their candidate is good and the other candidate is bad. I am not stupid. I do my own research. And, by the way, just because I am registered with a certain party does not mean that I will vote the party line in the general election.



Crazy climate

I can remember as a youngster around 1958, when summer was the greatest time of the year. We were outdoors every day playing and doing things fun. Then came winter and we would hunker down and be so happy we had a furnace. We gathered around that furnace every morning, standing over it (because it was a floor furnace) and letting the heat rise.

So the seasons went, without question. That’s just the way it was.

Now it’s less than 60 years later, and I’m not that crazy about summer and starting to look forward to winter. I know I’m older, but something’s just not right.



Inspiring ad

Kudos to Fidelity Bank, the Bastian family and the marketing group that is responsible for the “Bravely Onward” ad campaign. I realize it is a branding tool for the bank, but its reach and message go much further. It is an ad about attitude. It’s about this community, and who we want to be going forward.

In my workplace, everyone knows there is a word not to be spoken: “problem.” I see problems as opportunities to fix something not currently going in the right direction. That is what the Fidelity message does. It tempts all of us to look toward a positive future, not to look back at what was, complain about what is, but to move bravely forward to a better future for our city.

I am 56 years old and have lived here all of my life. I love this city and its people. I hope others see the campaign as I do, and are inspired.