Letters to the Editor

Granny, do you still paint?

The following letter was written by Anna Leslie Cobb of Topeka to her grandmother in Wichita:

I miss you, Granny. I’m sorry this had to happen to you. Why you?

Why can’t you remember my dad or me? Why does it have to be this way?

It is confusing and frustrating. I remember your old house on Brookside in Wichita. I loved that house so much.

Thank you for all of the wonderful Thanksgivings and Christmases spent there.

I remember the cousins and I would just spend hours upon hours playing hide-and-seek in your basement. Oh, man – and your garage and yard were so great. It was always an adventure exploring your house.

I also remember how good at painting you used to be.

Do you still paint?

My favorite memory of you is when you used to sleep on the pullout couch in your living room with me. If I remember correctly, I was too scared to sleep in one of your guest rooms alone. I miss that house more than anything.

I wish I spent more time with my granny that I knew a few years ago. I can only wonder what’s going on in your mind right now.

Why did this have to happen to you, unknowingly suffering an awful disease?

I love you so much, Granny.

You are a great woman who raised four beautiful people.

I wish you could watch your grandchildren grow up, and grow old by the side of your husband.

We are always thinking of you. I don’t know if you’ll come back or not, but it will always be a hope of mine.

I love you.