Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Brownback’s extreme agenda, casino

Policies don’t make Kansas welcoming

Gov. Sam Brownback emphasizes the importance of encouraging statewide economic recovery. To drive this development, there is an effort to recruit individuals to the state. This is an important initiative. However, I view this goal as being at odds with the narrow focus of his administration and the Kansas House on the advancement of extreme social legislation and the continued low levels of funding for schools and social services.

As it stands, the current tax-cut legislation guarantees future budget shortfalls, which likely will result in further state spending cuts. And anti-abortion legislation will only serve to showcase the extreme stand the administration takes while discouraging both men and women from moving into the state and ostracizing those already here.

Sure, people enjoy low taxes, but they also enjoy well-funded schools for their children, assurance that disabled folks are getting the support they need, and protection of women’s rights. These are often equally important aspects of deciding where to live.

Last fall I moved to Denver to continue my education. As much as I love Kansas, I cannot help but feel unwelcome in the state I have always called home. I do not imagine I am alone.



Quit complaining

Regarding “Full disclosure” (May 10 Letters to the Editor): This is the kind of sour-grapes dialogue that flings its ignorance in the face of the majority who voted for the casino. It also turns a blind eye to the economic plus that the casino provides for this area and the state. The anti-gambling faithful get their feathers ruffled because they are in the minority and can’t accept that this kind of entertainment goes on against their will, even though it was legally voted on and accepted.

Last I heard, this was still a free country. If you are fortunate to win a jackpot, perhaps it’s not a bad thing to celebrate and get your picture in the paper.

And if you don’t like to gamble or drink or smoke or whatever it may be, you can stay home and not do it.

But whatever you decide to do, quit complaining about those of us who choose to go out and do these things and have a good time. Especially if we win and you don’t.



Reckless actions

The narrow and extreme agenda of Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature during this session has benefited few and failed a majority of Kansans. Their actions are reckless, irresponsible, immature and embarrassing. They have failed our once-great state, and we, the people, will have failed if we re-elect them.