Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Kansas’ selling points, Agenda 21, Obama

Kansas has many selling points

Communities in Kansas have many attributes that too often are taken for granted. In order to attract new business and taxpaying citizens, the economic incentives tend to take the forefront in recruiting efforts, especially now with a revamped tax policy deemed to cure all ills. I would suggest that we pause and consider the many benefits that our state offers to potential residents or businesses beyond any presumed tax savings:

•  The Kansas work ethic.

•  Excellent K-12 and postsecondary education resources.

•  Clean air.

•  Easy commutes.

•  Well-kept neighborhoods.

•  People who help one another in crisis situations.

•  Low crime rates.

•  Entrepreneurial spirit.

•  A diverse and talented workforce.

•  National-caliber musicians, artists and community theaters.

•  Leading-edge technology in aerospace and other disciplines.

There are many other benefits one could add. While we have many challenges ahead for our state, I remain hopeful that our Midwestern quality of life will continue to be cherished by every Kansan. Let us not take what we have for granted nor underestimate its value in promoting our state.



Far-right lunacy

The Kansas House took up the fight last week against the 20-year-old nonbinding Agenda 21 program of the United Nations. This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s fascinating that, facing the specter of a nine-figure deficit, the leaders of this state are content to squander time and energy on far-right lunacy. What’s next? Banning the Bilderberg Group from meeting at Century II? Determining if McConnell Air Force Base facilities were used to fake the moon landing? Finding out if Paul McCartney died at the Allis Hotel? I wish I were joking.

Second, it truly shows the cynical nature of Kansas politics at its worst. Agenda 21 is merely a vague outline that America is free to disregard, and indeed does so at its leisure. We don’t even pay our U.N. dues.

Even if it were an actual strategy, the Kansas Legislature is utterly impotent to do anything about it. Legislators can’t impel Colorado to open a dam; what makes them think they can stop the black helicopter invasion?

The esteemed members of the House are not stupid men and women; they realize the futility of this gesture. Thus it can only be seen as crass opportunism – a way to pander to the Alex Jones conspiracy-theory crowd in an election year.



No change

Barack Obama came into office an ideological purist, just as he campaigned to be. He has now served three years acting more as a Bush III than an Obama I. That’s because he soon discovered the Corporate State will not allow any of that “change” he said was coming. He’s proved to be a mediocre manager at best, because his simplicity leaves him helpless to all the complex intrigues he inherited.

Now that Obama is in full campaign puppet mode again, he will resurrect his purist beliefs and hope to lull that coveted majority of voters into believing in “change” one more time. It is once more that simple portrayal of him as the advocate for the huddled masses against the excesses of the privileged few. He’s in his element again: all glitter, no gold.

Then again, that’s the way the Kingship wants it. Keep the country on the edge of division, but with the weight always leaning in favor of those interests the Kingdom favors most.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is no ideological purist, but he still suffers much of the same baggage. He has at least a management prowess, albeit an accommodating one. But again, don’t look for gold, for there is none. There isn’t any glitter either.


Rose Hill