Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Old Testament, atheist billboard, returning to God, mix of religions, clinic kindness

Old Testament is still relevant today

In his column “Wichitan gave eye-opening speech” (May 7 Opinion), Leonard Pitts touted the same flawed argument that Matthew Vines used as the basis of his recent pro-homosexuality speech. Both men assert that the Old Testament is not applicable to today’s Christians, but this could not be further from the truth.

In reality, the New Testament is full of significant quotations from and positive references to the Old Testament, and its readers are urged to look to the older writings for guidance in more modern times.

The Apostle Paul, a primary New Testament writer, repeatedly used Old Testament texts to support his statements about human sinfulness and church theology. He unequivocally said: “All Scripture is God-breathed, and is profitable for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). This is a clear statement that the entire Bible – not just the New Testament portion – is divinely inspired and remains extremely useful and relevant.

Most important, Jesus frequently pointed to Old Testament prophecies and showed how He had come to fulfill them.

In light of all this, it is difficult to understand how any Christian can claim that the Old Testament no longer applies. If this position were valid, then such a person also would have to argue that murder, theft, dishonesty, adultery and other behaviors forbidden by God in the Old Testament are now acceptable.


Rose Hill

Missing point

I think people are missing the whole point of the message of the atheist billboard and trying to make it a holy crusade (April 7 Eagle). The message is about the strength of the person’s character, who that person is.

Religion was never meant as the be-all and end-all. It was meant to be a part of that person, something that helps make people who they are.

I have met wonderful people who are Buddhist, Protestant and agnostic. I have read about people who traveled the world merely to bring the Word of God to those who didn’t know Him. Not all of it was good. That had nothing to do with God and Jesus but man, and imposing one’s will over another’s.

I have to believe that there is goodness that transcends all cultural ideals, because otherwise it would destroy my hope in human nature. I think that is what that billboard is supposed to mean.



Return to God

We are at a crossroads in America. We have turned away from the principles on which we were founded. We have turned away from God. No nation can survive in this manner.

Oh, there will still be a government. But what type of government will it be? Will it still allow freedom to its people? Will we still have freedom of religion as envisioned by our founders? Will we be able to protect our homes and families? Will we have the freedom to say what we want about our government? Will we have the freedom to start a business and use our own land and resources to support our families? There already are many restrictions and government mandates that have to be followed.

If we return to God and humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear our prayer, forgive us our sins and heal our land. He told us so in His Word.

Pray, America. That is the only hope for our nation – no matter who is the winner in November.



Focus on heaven

I was interested to read “Catholics and Mormons see most growth in city, state” (May 8 Eagle). I was born in Wichita and almost immediately baptized as a Roman Catholic, into the church of my late mother. I still go to Catholic Mass frequently. My late father was of Methodist and Anglican leanings, so I am partly Methodist, too. My dad’s maternal grandfather was a pioneer Latter-day Saint, or Mormon. As a tribute to him, I received an adult Mormon baptism. I also have attended services at Baptist, Lutheran, Nazarene, Bible, Church of Christ and Presbyterian churches.

So I am a little bit of everything. However, my focus remains on Almighty God. I really believe this would be a better world if people focused on heaven above – which I don’t believe is sectioned off with Baptists in one corner and Catholics in another.

If more people prayed with heartfelt reverence, instead of ostentatious competitiveness, we would all live in a more peaceful and happier world.



Clinic kindness

I would like to thank all the doctors and staff who gave up last Saturday to offer the free skin-cancer screening at GraceMed Clinic. Everybody was very pleasant and moved us through as effectively as possible. May the Lord repay your kindness and bless you always.