Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on government efficiency, casino, dress code, imposing religion, Papa John’s politics, Texas model

Make government more efficient

I was in Topeka last week, so I asked my representative about the Kansas economy. “Too many abortions,” he replied. Then I asked my state senator about the schools. “Too many abortions,” he said. So I asked both of them what we could do to improve the situation. “I really don’t like paying taxes,” they said in unison.

If this sounds stupid, well, that’s because it is. The problem is that a month ago I filed my taxes and haven’t heard back from the state. The problem is that many of these fetuses are born with disabilities we can’t help them with because we’re too busy preventing abortions and building roads.

Democrats, listen up: You’re at fault here, too. If the government is bloated and inefficient, the answer is to remove the bloat and make it more efficient. We need a government that is big enough to do everything it needs to do but that does it as efficiently as possible.

Republicans can’t solve the problem. They have demonized government to the point where no Republican with any ability can legitimately go into it with a plan to make it work. Only Democrats and independents can save us, and only if they give up on their inefficient, bleeding-heart ways and make government a place where achievement is valued more than in the private sector.



Full disclosure

The Kansas Star Casino runs advertisements daily, showing pictures of gamblers who have won a few thousand dollars. The casino should include in the advertisements the fact that during the first quarter, other gamblers lost more than $550,000 daily, according to the casino’s first-quarter financial report.


Executive director

Stand Up for Kansas


Job is to teach

When I was in the sixth grade in 1965, girls had to wear dresses or skirts and blouses to school. Our mothers bought our school clothes each fall. All my dresses were below my knee.

I had a growth spurt that year, and by the spring my dresses were above my knee by about an inch and a half. One day our teacher had all the girls kneel on the floor. She told me that because my dress did not touch the floor, I had to go home to change.

My mother asked why I had come home and why I was crying, and I told her what the teacher had said. My mother took me back to school, marched into the principal’s office and had the principal call my teacher into his office.

My mother explained that it was her job to dress me as she saw fit. If the teacher wanted to spend her own money to buy me new clothes, she was welcome to do so. But until then, my mother would see to my needs.

Over the years, I have seen school boards and schools dictate to parents and children what is acceptable attire and become quite prudish and snobbish about it. They seem to have forgotten that their only job is to teach the curriculum, and the rest is up to the parents.

There was nothing wrong with the haircut of a 6-year-old Hays boy who recently was suspended for three days. Someone there was just being petty.



Want to dominate

The religious leaders on the extreme right are rebranding the term “freedom of religion” to mean freedom for them to dominate. They are complaining loudly that their freedoms are violated by the imposition of a secular state.

It saddens me that our elected officials like to share their bully pulpit with them and then implement their fanatical agenda. Sounds like government promoting religion to me.

I say: Tax their organizations like corporations. Why should we subsidize these hypocrites? These religious leaders should work in the same forum the rest of us have, the street corner.



Slap in face

There is a video online of Mitt Romney doing his usual bashing of the president and Democrats while headlining a fundraiser at the mansion of the owner of Papa John’s in Anchorage, Ky. Democrats buy pizza from Papa John’s, too. I find it hypocritical that a guy (John Schnatter) who made his fortune selling products mainly to low- and middle-income people finds it necessary to publicly endorse another rich guy whose policies would give huge tax breaks to the rich and corporations while taking away benefits from the poor and working-class people.

It is like a slap in the face to those who support Papa John’s.

I, for one, will not be buying more pizza from Papa John’s and will urge my Democratic friends, as well as my low- and middle-income friends, not to buy from Papa John’s, either.



Oil rigs needed

Gov. Sam Brownback looks to Texas and Gov. Rick Perry as models for Kansas. I agree with him.

We do need more offshore oil rigs that would provide Kansas the much-needed revenue to offset tax cuts. Wonder if we could flood Oklahoma.