Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Hawker bankruptcy, GOP mission, government waste, mothers of drug babies, discarded dog

Vultures destroyed Hawker Beechcraft

The bankrupting of Hawker Beechcraft is simply another example of the hedge fund/Wall Street vultures’ idea of how to conduct business. They buy a company knowing nothing about the product or service being provided by the company, because they have no intention of building that product or providing that service. Instead, the company is loaded down with debt, and the Wall Street boys start dismantling the company, breaking it up and selling off the pieces. Loyal employees are dumped on the street, and their jobs are sent out of the country.

Ultimately, bankruptcy is declared, and among the first casualties are the old people – loyal employees who helped build this proud company. Now, as retirees, they face the loss of their hard-earned retirement pay.

Current employees are expected to continue to produce the top-quality products while their families’ future is on the chopping block. The lives of nearly 20,000 Kansas families hang in the balance while a court and creditors fight over the carcass of this once-premier company and the corporate vultures circle overhead, looking down on the pain they caused.

This greedy, unethical manner of conducting business will continue to drag down our economy and destroy our communities. The Wall Street vultures have no shame.



GOP mission

It should come as no surprise that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was in Washington, D.C., for the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the Arizona immigration law. Once again, though, we need to ask why he was there on a normal business day as secretary of state of Kansas.

It should be obvious to everyone that Kobach is on a GOP mission to make President Obama a one-term president.

A May 6 Eagle article was headlined, “Economy blamed for drop in voter registration of Hispanics, blacks.” In this case, it’s not the economy; it is all of the anti-immigration and voter-registration laws that are being pushed by the GOP.

We can only hope now that the voters in this presidential election will let their conscience be their guide – whether Democrat, independent, tea party or, yes, Republican – and do the right thing. We need to think for ourselves, unlike the Republicans who were forced to sign a “no tax on the 1 percent” agreement and are now being asked to sign a pledge to turn their lives over to that party.



Focus on waste

I have read columnist Cal Thomas’ opinions for several years and cannot ever recall agreeing with the man. I guess never is a long time.

As a provider of medical equipment who deals with Medicare, I thought his column on government waste was right on target (May 2 Opinion). The amount of waste that drives the system is beyond belief. Ask any provider who recently submitted competitive bid applications.

Thomas offered sound economic guidance to Mitt Romney’s campaign team: Focus on the waste.

Use some simple common sense. Stop the doubling, tripling and more of the efforts of governmental agencies.

One would not have to look very hard to find more than the 51 areas of duplication and overlapping of which Thomas wrote. Waste, waste and more waste.



Faulty premise

Burdett Loomis wrote: “The key word is ‘faith.’ The nature of religious belief means that it requires neither facts nor analysis for support” (“Belief is not enough,” May 6 Opinion). He is wrong about this.

Hebrews 11:1-2 states: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That is quite the opposite of Loomis’ statement. This, of course, renders his entire premise null and void.



Go after mothers

If we’re going to spend millions of tax dollars weaning newborns off drugs, we also should be disciplining the unfit mothers (“U.S. newborns with drug withdrawal up sharply,” May 1 Eagle). The government should step in when these things happen. Have any mothers been prosecuted for these crimes?

The mother’s rights should be stripped away. Considering that she was harming the baby during the pregnancy, what are the odds she’ll harm it after birth? We need to do a better job protecting these infants, because they can’t protect themselves.



Discarded dog

To the person in the blue small SUV who threw away the little Chihuahua on the corner of 35th Street South and Bonn: The loyalty in the heart of this little animal brought her back several times to the place where she had last seen you. But she was so frightened that no one could get near her to help. You had tied a cord around her neck, but for what purpose? At 9:30 p.m. Monday, despite another walk through our neighborhood to try to find her, she remained lost, very frightened and probably getting quite hungry.

What were you thinking? A trip to the Kansas Humane Society would have put her in the care of good people and most likely resulted in an adoption. My neighbor wanted her, but we couldn’t catch her. What did she do to deserve this treatment?