Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on city bus service, farm labor rules, keeping change

Care about those who depend on bus

Why does a city the size of Wichita have such a poor public transportation system? No doubt the desperate situation we are facing harks back to “America’s love affair with the automobile.” But it doesn’t affect people who own cars.

As is the usual outcome, when the “haves” formulate cuts to a governing body’s budget, the ones to feel the effect are the “have-nots” – those who can’t afford to buy a car, the disabled, the low-income people who do the menial jobs that are usually hard work for low pay. They need the bus to get to work.

Why is it so difficult for the cost-cutters to empathize with the plight of the many people who are totally dependent upon bus service for all their traveling needs? I can’t believe the Wichita City Council would even consider a proposal to eliminate routes and cut our bare-bones bus service to once an hour for most routes.



Ever visited farm?

The Obama administration recently dropped a new proposal on child labor on farms (April 28 Eagle). Have the people who are writing labor rules ever visited a rural farming community?

Where I grew up, farmers rely on employing teenagers for their summer help. Not only does this give teenagers a paycheck, it teaches them how to be a reliable worker, someone who has a good work ethic and mechanical skills.

If the proposal had gone into effect, it would have had a major impact on small communities. Farmers wouldn’t have been able to hire as many extra hands, and it could have hurt 4-H youth programs. The administration should have done more research to see how this could have affected farming communities all over the United States.


Valley Center

Keep the change?

When I ate out recently, the waitress shortchanged me and one of my companions. I questioned my shortage and was informed by the waitress that the restaurant does not give coinage change. I said: “You are talking to a person who picks up change (and occasionally bills) off the ground when out walking.”

The upshot was that she gave me another dollar. My companion did not raise a challenge, but she reduced the amount of the tip she left the waitress.

I am told that in Europe, servers are better paid, bills are rounded up, and there is no tipping – except by American tourists who don’t know any better.