Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on domestic violence, Keystone, ‘one and done’

Keep policy on domestic violence

Eliminating mandatory jail time for repeat domestic-violence offenders is the wrong choice to make (“City delays domestic-violence code change,” April 4 Local & State).

The time after the offender is arrested is often the most opportune time for the victim to seek safety. There are other ways the city can save money without further endangering domestic-violence victims.

The proposed change could make the offenders feel as though they can abuse without punishment. Please find other ways to save money and still keep our citizens safe.




Water not oil

For those of you who think the Keystone XL pipeline will reduce our dependency on foreign oil: Let me remind you that much of the oil is slated for export to Asia, not for use in the United States. Also, the pipeline is planned to go right over our Ogallala Aquifer, which is a significant source of drinking water for the people of Nebraska and Kansas.

I hope that by President Obama denying the project for now, the pipeline can be rerouted to the east of our aquifer or perhaps the oil can be refined in a northern state. We need to protect our drinking water.



‘One and done’

After listening Tuesday morning to the ESPN sports programs in which they sang Kentucky coach John Calipari’s praises and called him a genius for putting together a “one-and-done” team, I realized I am no longer watching collegiate basketball. The process of “come play a year with me and I’ll get you a national title and national recognition to help you into the NBA” is beyond me.

Personally, I love getting to know the players, recognizing their families in the stands and watching them grow from high school boys to young men. I understand they are hungry, and the risk of injury is always a threat, but to purposely recruit players for one year and a national title does not sit well with me.

Give me a Bill Self any day. The University of Kansas’ coach not only helps mold young people into basketball players but also mentors and guides them toward what lies ahead. I am so proud of the KU team and the KU coaching staff. They all worked together to achieve far more than any of us thought possible.

As far as the likes of Calipari: I wish he would go coach in the NBA, along with his “one-and-done” team.