Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on injured wildlife, GOP budget, Derby school bond

Injured wildlife unduly suffering

Bob Gress, the city of Wichita’s naturalist, is fond of saying there are more wildlife in Wichita than people. Where wildlife and people cohabit, injuries to the animals are bound to happen, as illustrated in “For injured wildlife in city, options are complicated” (March 26 Local & State). Those injured animals often go untreated.

The Kansas Humane Society used to treat injured wildlife and do cruelty investigations, but now does neither. Wichita Animal Control won’t help, even though it has a contractual agreement worth thousands of dollars with a local veterinarian to provide emergency treatment for sick or injured animals it picks up. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, which is ultimately responsible for wildlife in Kansas, says the issue is valid but money is scarce.

The KDWPT is right about one thing: Most wild animals are better off left alone. But not if they are seriously injured.

There are other assets in the community that could be utilized. The 24-hour veterinary emergency and specialty hospital could provide some resources. The Sedgwick County Zoo has several veterinarians experienced in treating wildlife. We have some excellent rehabilitators in the area, such as the Eagle Valley Raptor Center. The various agencies, rehabilitators, veterinarians and interested members of the public all need to get together and come up with a solution so people know whom to call. While everybody is passing the buck, the injured animal is unduly suffering.



True choices

Thanks to Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, but shame on Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and the Republican Party (March 28 WE Blog excerpts). Without an uncompromising commitment to a balanced budget, Republicans are without essential fiscal distinction from their Democratic brethren. They have merely a different agenda of profligacy and a different constituency of cronies.

Americans everywhere need to feel the full weight and see the unvarnished effect of the choices we have already made so we can honestly decide if they are what we really want. A balanced budget is the only way to do that. Continuing down the increasingly precipitous descent we are on (financed by the Federal Reserve) only obscures the true choices we face.

I had hoped there was still a significant number of honest men and women (in both parties) in Washington, D.C., who were wise enough to insist that America put first things first (a balanced budget), then stand back and let everything else be subjected to the raw work of political compromise (taxes and spending). This is the only way to end the gridlock and speed us along the way to the destiny that awaits us, for better or for worse.



Vote for bond

The Derby National Education Association and South Central Kansas NEA are pleased to endorse the Derby school district’s proposed bond issue. Great public schools are not only a right for every Kansas child but the foundation of economic development for the community and economic success for citizens. Most important to KNEA members are the needs of students and the concerns of those who educate them.

The “Process for Success” project is a combination of renovation and new construction, addressing basic needs and eliminating a number of safety and health concerns. We believe this bond issue is the right answer at the right time – providing upgrades at elementary schools and improving facilities for sixth through eighth grades, replacing the central kitchen and roofing throughout the district, securing entrances at all schools, and making other high school improvements. With $21 million available in state aid and interest rates near their lowest in 50 years, coupled with low construction costs and the lowest mill rate in the area, there may never be a better time for a bond issue.

We hope district patrons recognize this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and vote Tuesday.



South Central KNEA