Letters to the Editor

Tell your doctor ‘thanks’

Today is National Doctors’ Day, when we show our gratitude for this special group of professionals who are our confidants, neighbors, colleagues and friends.

Consider the many ways in which physicians have touched our lives: keeping us healthy, treating us when we are sick, delivering our newborn children, performing general or emergency surgery to keep us healthy or even save our life. Over the course of our lives, few people will touch us as profoundly as doctors.

As patients, we have high expectations of doctors. We expect them to be available when we need or want them. We expect them to listen to us and answer our questions. We expect them to quickly and correctly diagnose our illness or injury and provide the correct course of treatment to help us heal or to manage a health condition. At work, doctors are expected to be the experts, have the answers, lead the teams and make decisions in very tense moments.

Doctors choose their profession because they want to help others. They work long hours and hectic schedules topped off with hours of office work to keep track of their patients’ health and to comply with the many regulations placed on their profession. They take calls in the middle of the night to care for their patients.

Many doctors teach at medical schools and serve as mentors to medical students to help ensure there are well-trained doctors to care for all of us in the future. Some participate in research to contribute to the science of medicine. Many serve in community clinics or other volunteer organizations.

We are fortunate to have in our community so many fine physicians who care for us. On behalf of Via Christi, I would like to thank the physicians throughout the Wichita area and Kansas for the contributions they make to our individual and community health.

If you see a doctor today or in the near future, be sure to say “thanks” for all he or she does. If you’re not seeing a doctor soon, consider dropping your physician a note of thanks.


President and CEO

Via Christi Health