Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on ‘Wichitawesome,’ health care law, hockey concussions

No joke; Wichita is awesome

Although it wasn’t the first time Wichita had been ridiculed on a national stage, Jimmy Kimmel’s Wichita spring-break tourism commercial spoof – with the ending pitch “Wichitawesome” – was disturbing to me. It should be to you, too.

I am not from Wichita originally, but I choose to live here. I believe Wichita is a great city with many natural, cultural and historical attractions. But this city is completely undervalued and underappreciated by some locals.

All of us, including our city leaders, need to come to a consensus and take action. This image problem is prevalent and toxic.

We are choking on the complacent attitude that Doo-Dah will always be Doo-Dah. I believe that’s a choice, and it doesn’t have to be our reality.

Wichita is a city where incredibly intelligent, talented and inspiring people live. It is a city with a strong history of entrepreneurship and home to some of the most successful businesses in American history. Wichita is the Air Capital and is blessed with a natural river. Why is it we are the only ones who know this?



Easy to tear down

As I read the commentary by Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita (March 23 Opinion), I harked back to the Pompeo breakfast meeting I attended during his 2010 campaign. I listened to his promises not to become just another inside-the-Beltway politician, and about rising above the partisan politics and name-calling to build a better government that would benefit Kansans and all Americans.

If Pompeo were living up to that pledge and he wanted to earn credibility with me, he would begin by referring to the health care law by its proper name, not “Obamacare.” And what about the benefits of the plan regarding pre-existing conditions, denial of insurance, and health care for my 20-something children via my own employer-provided plan?

It is very easy to tear down and dismantle, while very difficult to build and improve. Health care in America today is for the haves, and is unavailable or too costly for the have-nots. Where is the Pompeo health care plan? Crickets.



Face reality

If it were possible for the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the health care individual mandate for states that want to unify in reducing their health care costs, I think the majority of the other states would soon voluntarily join in when faced with the reality of skyrocketing health care costs.



Clean up hockey

The NFL showed it is serious about concussions when it imposed serious penalties on the New Orleans Saints and made changes in its rules to help reduce concussions. High schools and colleges are also concerned. So why was it that in a recent poll, 95 percent of hockey fans wanted fights to continue? “Checking” is part of the game, and players also have a very hard stick to use on opponents. Should not all sports be concerned about player concussions?