Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Cessna partnership, Florida shooting, ‘Pompeocare,’ escape plan

China should buy planes from U.S.

Tucked quietly away in Saturday’s newspaper was a particularly disturbing article (“Cessna, China partner,” March 24 Business Today). It seems America and the American worker are continually being ravaged by Chinese opportunists and greedy corporate entities. (I use “corporate entities” because it is no longer possible to definitely tell which companies are truly American, no matter their location or lineage.)

Our nation is in a weakened state, but what happened to pride, fortitude and belief in the future? In my opinion, signing these agreements with state-run companies is unconscionable. They pay their workers next to nothing, undercut American producers at any opportunity, do not respect intellectual property, etc. Where is the benefit?

The benefits appear to be significant wealth for a privileged few. But such deals also mean less opportunity for young Americans and a dwindling tax base for much-needed revenue. In short, greed drives these decisions.

If China wants airplanes, let it buy them from America. China is flush with cash, so it shouldn’t be a question of price.

I am not anti-Chinese and definitely not against free markets, but at what point does “free” cost too much?



Law doesn’t apply

It is frightening that so many people, including several of our state representatives, do not comprehend that the “stand your ground” law does not apply in the case of the killing of the 17-year-old lad in Florida (“Fla. killing spurs call for repeal of Kan. law,” March 24 Eagle).

“Stand your ground” means that you are not obligated to retreat when confronted with someone you have good reason to believe is going to make a deadly assault on you. As George Zimmerman admitted, he was pursuing the lad. Thus, “stand your ground” does not apply in this case.

The 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow or pursue the lad. No normal person would stand his ground if he had a chance to escape a potentially violent situation that could include deadly assault, whether it was with a knife, club, gun or any other instrument that could be used to harm another person.

Conceal-carry license holders are taught to avoid violence when possible. Use of a firearm to defend oneself is legal only if escape is not possible. Objectivity seems to have gone out the window when people believe, based on information released thus far, that “stand your ground” applies in that case.



Let justice work

George Zimmerman may or may not be guilty of a crime. That should be an issue dealt with by the court system in Florida, not the 24-hour news media.

The talking heads, along with the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are working up a mob frenzy without a shred of evidence having been presented. President Obama weighed in. You would think he would know better. He soon may be hosting another chat over a cold beer at the White House.

People shoot people every day in this country. That happens when guns are readily available to the general population. This case is special for one reason: It fell at a time when 24-hour news needed content.

Now the New Black Panther Party is threatening to arrest Zimmerman and hold him until law enforcement takes him off its hands. If the group does that, its members should be arrested for kidnapping.

How much crazier can this get? A lot – unless the talking heads shut up and the reverends return to their day jobs.

Everyone should back off and let the court system handle this one. That is how our system of justice works.



No ‘Pompeocare’?

The commentary by Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, about the Affordable Care Act left out certain facts and contained misleading claims (“Problems with health care law plain to see,” March 26 Opinion).

Pompeo wrote that half of Americans are against the law. That also means that about half of Americans support it. In fact, there are certain parts of the law that a strong majority favor keeping, such as not being denied benefits because of pre-existing conditions and being able to keep college-age children on their parents’ plans until age 26.

Health care costs have increased 16.8 percent in two years? This rate of increase has been occurring for decades, due in part to the cost of covering millions of uninsured individuals.

Pompeo also claimed that the economy is weaker because of the health care law. Yet the leading economic indicators – including the dropping unemployment rate, the increase in private-sector job growth and increased consumer confidence – show the economy is stronger.

Pompeo’s commentary was just another attempt to criticize and obstruct for partisan purposes. What’s his alternative? “Pompeocare”? Oh, I forgot. Pompeo and the lockstep lemmings in his party don’t have a plan.



Escape plan

Frankly, I am just plain scared of the way this country seems to be heading. It seems to me that the prudent thing to do is to have an escape plan. I have made mine.