Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor on Hawker bonds, energy, Penn State, abortion, WWII memorial, post-storm thanks

Taxpayers help Hawker cut jobs

State, county and city elected officials provided Hawker Beechcraft with taxpayer-guaranteed $40 million in bonds, supposedly to secure local jobs under threat of being moved to Louisiana. More than 700 Wichita layoff notices later, Hawker Beechcraft continues expanding production facilities in Chihuahua, Mexico. And there are no penalties in this bond agreement until Hawker Beechcraft lays off 700 more local workers. Hawker Beechcraft’s CEO assures us more Wichita layoffs are coming.

Some of our elected officials readily get talked into making bad deals that help Hawker Beechcraft free up money for south-of-the-border exporting of jobs, and those same elected officials support bond deals that provide for even more layoffs of Wichita workers. How stupid can you get?

Please, elected representatives, spare us from future answers to that inquiry.



Use less energy

The commentary “Wise energy policies needed” (Nov. 10 Opinion) by state Sen. Mike Petersen, R-Wichita, spoke at length about producing more energy (oil and natural gas). It said nothing about trying to develop policies to conserve and use less energy. Nor did it seriously address legitimate environmental concerns about the Keystone XL pipeline, tar-sands oil and shale gas.

Somehow the phrase “using state-of-the-art technology and procedures” does not ring true. I seem to recall similar assurances before the Gulf spill.

It is about time that politicians such as Petersen begin looking beyond what will get them elected next year. Wise energy and environmental policies must serve and protect all of the people now and in the future. Those policies should also protect and preserve planet Earth. It is the only one we and future generations have.


El Dorado

Statue for victims

I think that all of the statues of Joe Paterno and those referring to the Penn State football program should be removed from the campus, melted down and resculpted into an image of a group of weeping 10-year-old boys. This statue should be placed in front of the Penn State football facility as a solemn reminder of the horror that can result when unchecked power is given to those who value sport over learning.



Endowed by God

Regarding Leonard Pitts’ commentary “Mississippi makes a statement” (Nov. 14 Opinion): There are fundamentally two kinds of laws – man’s laws and the laws of God. When these two kinds of laws are in alignment, the weak and innocent can be protected and justice is done. When man’s laws are not aligned with God’s laws, the weak are the first to suffer.

God’s word teaches that we are not to take the life of anyone who is innocent. Today, every time an abortion is performed, an innocent person’s life is taken.

After nearly 40 years of legalized abortion and the destruction of more than 55 million unborn lives, many Americans are waking up to the consequences of the U.S. Supreme Court’s terrible decision. They are becoming a force in Colorado, Mississippi, Kansas and across the nation.

Even though Pitts stated that nobody “disputes the sacredness of human life,” he went on to argue that a woman’s choice needs to be able to trump that very life and the sacredness of it. He seemed to suggest that the value of human life and its sacredness come from the state in the form of man’s laws. Surely Pitts hasn’t forgotten there was a time when the Supreme Court decided that even freed slaves such as Dred Scott were nonpersons.

The sacredness of human life doesn’t come from the laws of man but is endowed by our Creator from the moment of our creation.



Heart of America

I was so blessed that I could attend the dedication of the World War II memorial Saturday. Our nation owes so much to these 80- and 90-year-old men and women, many of whom were mere 18- to 20-year-olds when they went off to serve their country.

As they gathered there, walking up with their walkers and canes, I thought to myself that they were the “heart of America.” They could all share stories of what they went through, stories that would make our skin crawl.

Now, at the rate of thousands a day, we’re losing this “heart” that made our nation great.

We owe so much to them for their sacrifice – the ones who came home, the ones who died and the ones who were wounded. Please, Almighty God, bless them.



Help in a storm

Recently, as the country knows, those of us in western Massachusetts experienced a devastating early season snowstorm that left us without power and heat for more than a week. The call was put out across the United States for assistance in restoring power. Graciously, crews from Kansas offered their help.

Please know how much the residents of the area appreciated the gesture and kindness you offered us. Thank you so very much.


Springfield, Mass.