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Letters to the Editor on Scott Walker, ‘occupiers,’ Gingrich

Walker agenda no model for Kansas

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker canceled a fundraiser planned for today in Wichita. He ignited a storm of outrage when he fast-tracked legislation in Wisconsin to strip most collective-bargaining rights from public-employee unions. Never once did he campaign on dismantling the unions.

Walker’s budget cuts have fallen heavily on middle- and low-income residents. His administration has slashed funding for public education and medical assistance while continuing to hand out tax cuts and giveaways to his corporate backers. His agenda enriches the wealthy at the expense of the struggling, while the jobs of his campaign rhetoric are nowhere to be found.

Now Walker is facing a recall campaign at home and is seeking national support. He wanted to come here to raise money from wealthy Kansans to save his political hide and his failed Wisconsin agenda. His presence here would have been an affront to anyone in Kansas who recognizes that corporate cash is overwhelming our election process and causing great harm to ordinary citizens, both in Kansas and Wisconsin.



Wrong target

Regarding “Out of whack” (Nov. 10 Letters to the Editor): Latest figures show the top three Major League baseball players were paid $32 million, $26 million and $24 million. Broken down to the average hours worked, including pregame, in a season of 152 eight-hour games, their average salary of $27 million would be $22,205 per hour. If a baseball player on a 10-year contract and earning $27 million annually has a bad performance year, as some often do, the average American wage earner’s job is unaffected and millions of dollars are not lost on the stock market. The player, unlike the top executive, is only responsible to his team and immediate family, while the corporate executive must answer to a board of directors and is responsible for thousands of employees’ income, along with tens of thousands of stockholders.

Perhaps the Occupy Wall Street protesters should reconsider and think about taking a swing at outrageous sports salaries. The truth be known, all funds used to bail out the troubled banks were repaid, with interest.



Not Gingrich

The authors of “As Perry, Cain scramble, Gingrich seeks an opening” (Nov. 11 Eagle) wanted to say that GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Rick Perry are out and now Newt Gingrich could be in. Are they nuts? Gingrich was unfaithful to his wife all the years he was harassing Bill Clinton about his affairs. What is the difference?

If Cain really did all this harassment years ago, why wait until now to make charges? Is it because the women now get more attention and more money?

There should be limitations on how long women can wait for a chance to ruin someone’s life for a little attention.



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