Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (Nov. 10)

No-tax tour is

not grassroots

The propaganda from the Kansans for No Income Tax bus tour compares Florida and Texas growth statistics with those of Kansas. This is apples and oranges. They are both huge states in population, unlike Kansas, and have tourism and oil industries that cannot compare with Kansas.

TV news reports quoted the statistics of billionaire Rex Sinquefield’s bus tour with no fact checks. One station even called it a “grassroots” organization. Is this responsible journalism?

Occupy Wichita has a simple solution: End the frenzy of tax cutting for the rich. Income tax is the least regressive of all the taxes.

People in Kansas want good schools, jobs and a decent life for our residents. The no-tax people want more money in their already stuffed pockets and less tax money for infrastructure, education and health care. They demonize poor people when it is the corrupt big banks and the bailouts that caused the disaster in our economy.



Bought, paid for

Regarding an Opinion Line comment about the Republican Party being the only party that money can buy: I suggest everyone look at the “Heavy Hitter” list at www.opensecrets.org. Contributions from the top 20 lobbying groups have heavily favored the Democratic Party. If anyone has been bought and paid for, it’s the Democrats.



Out of whack

It was recently reported that three top bank executives were paid compensation of $40 million, $39 million and $23 million. Let’s break this down to the average hours worked in a year, 2,080.

Their average compensation of $34 million would translate to $16,346 an hour.

Let’s say they are supermen and work 24 hours a day, never sleep and do not stop to eat. Their pay for a continuous 24-hour workday would be $3,881 per hour.

Some people would say he or she should be paid whatever. Yet these same people would say there should be no minimum wage.

I agree with the “occupiers.” Things are seriously out of whack.



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