Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (Nov. 9)

Companies should stop donations

Even in these highly uncertain economic times, most major corporations still feel obligated to donate to both major political parties, with more money going to the party in, or about to be in, power. Of course, these corporations hope that bigger and more shrewd contributions will give their companies an advantage over their competitors.

Current federal economic policies have put business plans on hold, and many businesses now simply hoard cash and kowtow to the politically powerful, waiting for a better day. I propose a different tactic.

To increase sales more ethically, a big company ought to announce that it will immediately discontinue all political donations and that it will widely publicize any political backlash that would surely result from such a policy. With the populist trend now sweeping the United States, I believe this strategy is a surefire winner.




Flag respected

Regarding “Sad, sad, day” (Nov. 2 Letters to the Editor), which complained that some Wall Street protesters “utter profanities about our flag”: I attended the recent protest at Koch Industries. Our protest group had two American flags. No one in attendance was anti-American, nor did anyone find the flags’ presence detestable. I personally thanked one flag carrier after the protest, because we understand that movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Kansans United in Voice and Spirit are quickly branded as anti-American by supporters of the status quo.

My father fought in Korea and received a Purple Heart. After returning from Korea, he taught U.S. history and government for several decades. He passed along to me a healthy respect for the flag and this nation.

The flag is, however, just a symbol, even as it represents the very freedoms that allow Americans to disagree. When it is used as a weapon to vilify, it is always done as a small-minded tactic by those wishing for an emotional, knee-jerk response.

The American dream has moved further out of reach, even as we work harder and struggle to attain it.

We must take back America, for the 99 percent.



Need Newt

We need a 2012 presidential candidate with a national record of job creation, balanced budgets, political experience and conservative government reform. Only one candidate fits the requirements, in my opinion.

Given the tailspin this country is in, it is time to elect a person with experience and to end the on-the-job training for the most important political position in the United States.

We have a highly intelligent candidate who has experience on a federal level and with foreign policy, has served as consultant on many national security issues, and has drafted many sound policy reforms. Why don’t we have Newt Gingrich at the top of the list of candidates?



Want to control

It is a shame that columnist Cal Thomas, and those like him, want to control women (“Ultrasound rule doesn’t violate free speech,” Nov. 2 Opinion). It is outrageous to demand that women go through more and more procedures and view ultrasound images of fetuses when not recommended by their physicians. This should be stopped.

The judge in North Carolina who blocked this absurd ultrasound law made the correct decision. Life-and-death decisions should only be between a woman and her doctor, not up to a bunch of balding old white guys dreaming about the good old days when they completely controlled every aspect of a woman’s life.

The U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed that a woman has a right to an abortion. Until Thomas has a womb, he should stay out of the conversation.



Common man

Looking across the line into Kansas, I see a common man in uncommon times: Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler. Kansans are blessed to have Huelskamp (a farmer) inside the Beltway with sleeves rolled up, grounded in western Kansas values, and not for sale.


Beaver, Okla.

Amazing students

I have had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of students across the country on many topics, including leadership and bullying. It was my privilege to spend time on two different occasions with a leadership team from the Wichita school district. The students were amazing, and they represented all of the high schools in the city.

We spent one day last summer at Rock Springs Ranch and discussed bullying. This leadership team was unbelievable and vowed to take lots of strategies back to their schools. Administrators from each school also took part in the training and were very supportive in working with their students.

I commend the Wichita district for taking a proactive stand against an issue that is affecting every school in the nation.

The team I worked with was enthusiastic and caring and wanted to make a difference.



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