Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Occupy Wall Street, gay marriage, concealed-carry

Take our country back from the rich

It appears that the Occupy Wall Street movement has awakened a sleeping giant. It is time for the middle class to take back our country from the greedy rich.

It is one thing to accumulate wealth from a business or wise investment. It is another to accumulate it on the backs of your countrymen, as evidenced by the new government report showing that the income of the wealthiest 1 percent grew by 275 percent from 1979 to 2007, while middle-class income increased less than 40 percent and the poor's income by only 18 percent ("Income gap gets wider and wider," Oct. 27 Eagle).

It is obvious that the rich only look out for the rich, and they line the pockets of politicians to make or change laws that will keep them rich. They are trying to do away with unions, which represent the middle class to make certain that workers are treated fairly in wages and benefits.

Then, with the voter ID laws that they passed in several states including Kansas, they want the citizens most likely to vote Democratic to be turned away.

I hope this sleeping giant brings about the changes that this country needs.



Need direct action

My main problem with the Occupy Wall Street movement members is not their aims or views, although I disagree with many of their points. It's their overall lack of passion.

In the 1960s, kids the age of the Occupy people were forming revolutionary cells. They were putting on helmets and pads and taking it to "the Man." They shook the foundations of power so much that J. Edgar Hoover devoted much of the FBI's resources to undermining them from within. They were an actual threat.

The Occupy movement is no threat. There's no rage in these kids. It's a revolution for the Warcraft generation. They can play revolutionaries for a few hours, then switch off, eat their ration of Hot Pockets, and go back to watching "The Walking Dead."

I do not entirely blame them. After all, we have become such a sterile, inoffensive society that perhaps the Occupy movement is the revolution we deserve.

That said, in order to make their mark on history — to stand with the Spear of the Nation, the Redshirts and the Sons of Liberty of the world — the Occupy movement needs less speechifying, fewer celebrities, less littering and more direct action. As it is, the demonstrators are merely a nuisance, and a nuisance is easily marginalized and ignored.



Sad, sad day

As I have watched the Occupy Wall Street news footage, I've felt this is a sad, sad day for this great nation. We have fallen so far in such a short time.

I have been to the cemeteries in France and stood amid the thousands of crosses where our brave soldiers are buried. I stand with my hand over my heart for each one of them, as well as for the brave men and women who fought in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don't think these demonstrators deserve a drop of blood from those who died for our freedoms. The fact that some of these people can stand and utter profanities about our flag and this nation, while they enjoy all of the freedom that we have, is too much for me to take.

I hope that the vast majority of Americans who do not support this type of anarchy will rise up and put a stop to this at the ballot box in 2012. I will never vote for a political leader for any office who approves of these protests.

It is disgraceful that some of our political leaders encourage and condone this kind of thing, all the while taking millions of dollars from Wall Street for their campaigns. How deceitful is this?



GOP challenges

With few exceptions, all the top GOP presidential hopefuls have made it clear they plan to make same-sex marriage an issue in their campaigns. To each, I pose the following challenges:

* Can you please provide the American public with strong, proven, nonreligious, clear, concise and precise data showing exactly how same-sex marriage is detrimental to the growth of the nation?

* Can you argue the "wrong" of same-sex marriage without bringing your personal religious beliefs into the discussion?

* If you truly believe that "gay" is a choice, would you then provide the American public with the facts surrounding your choice to be "straight"? After all, stating that "gay" is a choice indicates you also had a choice as to whether to be gay or straight.

* Please explain why you are using social issues to divert our attention from our country's financial meltdown, which can be traced back to the deregulatory laws put into place by the great demigods of your own party.

* Finally, please explain why most of you chose to remain silent when the audience at a recent GOP debate booed the gay soldier who is serving to defend your right to insult him.



Allow guns

It is heartening to see the Wichita City Council potentially awakening to the fact that law-abiding citizens with guns are not the problem ("Council to discuss allowing concealed-carry in city buildings," Oct. 25 Eagle).

These are the good guys — more law-abiding than the police, and fully vetted with state and federal background checks. There is a reason why several state legislatures have authorized concealed-carry in their buildings — duh.