Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on immigration, SWAT vehicle, Bush speech, Pompeo, stimulus jobs, NBA

Immigrant parents putting kids first

Some immigrant parents are making plans for their children's welfare in case they are deported. In response, Alabama state Sen. Scott Beason stated, "It's beyond my comprehension that you would just leave your children anywhere" ("Fearful parents make plans for kids," Oct. 10 Eagle).

Let me help Beason understand.

I married my husband, a former undocumented immigrant, in Mexico in order to comply with U.S. immigration laws. In return for this compliance, he cannot get a U.S. visa for 10 years.

For five years we lived as a family in Mexico, trying to stay one day ahead of our hunger and poverty. It was violence, however, that forced our sons and me to return to the United States.

I was repeatedly sexually assaulted. My husband returned home many nights with injuries from being robbed at knifepoint. Threats were made against our children, and other family members were kidnapped.

My husband's heart breaks every morning that he wakes up in an empty room without his wife and children. Yet he puts our safety and well-being first, as do the immigrant parents in Alabama. Surely this is something any parent can comprehend.


Park City

Stop madness

Regarding "A heavy vehicle for heavy-duty policing" (Oct. 27 Eagle): Really? "A 19,000-pound armored tactical vehicle, with inches-thick steel on all sides, a revolving gun turret on top and enough room inside to store rifles, tear gas, flash grenades, vehicle cameras, and a dozen highly trained officers wearing 35 pound of Kevlar" for Wichita SWAT? When will the madness end?

When I saw the photo in The Eagle, I thought it was from Afghanistan, not Wichita.

Why do we need this war machine? The article noted that "Wichita drug dealers and gang members grew a little more sophisticated" in recent years. Is this the natural escalation of our country's war on drugs — armored vehicles in Wichita?

Please stop the insanity. If people want to kill themselves using drugs, let them. I can assure you the armored vehicle will not stop them. I don't want any of our police officers put at risk because gangs are making profits trafficking drugs. I would rather see the users be at risk. Maybe then we could point to real facts to persuade others not to use drugs.

Stop the madness before our war on drugs really becomes an actual war, as it is in Mexico.



Chamber crazy?

The Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is bringing George W. Bush to Wichita to speak Thursday. Eight corporations are helping with his fee, which usually costs $100,000 to $150,000.

This same chamber wanted to bring former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Wichita. This same chamber denies that human-caused global warming exists. This same chamber supported reduced funding for public education. And now this same chamber is bringing "W" to Wichita.

Bush used lies to attack Iraq, the wrong country. At the same time, he lowered taxes, especially on the rich. His administration illegally wiretapped and water-boarded people. His encouragement of lax Wall Street oversight enabled the economic downturn that continues to this day. He burned through President Clinton's surplus to achieve a record deficit. He did not find Osama bin Laden. But the chamber is bringing him to Wichita?

Are chamber members out of their minds?



Keep wind credits

I'm disappointed that Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, is introducing legislation that would, in effect, raise taxes on wind energy. He seems to misunderstand how a key federal tax incentive has built a thriving American wind-manufacturing sector and tens of thousands of American jobs.

Wind energy is creating one of the fastest-growing U.S. manufacturing sectors, growing to almost 400 factories in 2010, up from as few as 30 in 2004, as the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service recently found. This means 75,000 jobs across the United States, including seven manufacturing facilities and as many as 1,000 jobs in Kansas.

Changing the tax code to, in effect, raise taxes on companies creating these American jobs would be a mistake that would cost our economy exactly the sort of manufacturing jobs we need more of today.

Wise Kansans such as Gov. Sam Brownback understand that wind energy means jobs in the Sunflower State, and have offered their support for the federal production tax credit. It is my hope that Pompeo sees that clean, homegrown American wind energy is a market that we are winning with the support of a key federal tax incentive.



American Wind Energy Association

Washington, D.C.

Jobs temporary

History has shown that jobs created using federal stimulus money are all of the temporary variety. When the stimulus money runs out, so do the jobs. The only thing that remains is more debt.



NBA heels

NBA union players went from heroes to heels. Thousands of people who were employed to work before, during and after their games depend on this income through the winter. These workers make less all season than the multimillionaire players make in one game.

I'm going to make a list of all the commercial sponsors during the first few games and be sure I don't spend anything there.