Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on HPV vaccine, protests, online comments, simple majority, lost jobs

Boys, girls should get HPV vaccine

As a registered nurse, I support boys getting the human papillomavirus vaccine ("Panel urges HPV shots for boys," Oct. 26 Eagle). Because HPV is responsible for many cases of cancer and genital warts, it is important for adolescents to get vaccinated. Both boys and girls are affected by this.

HPV can be asymptomatic, so one who has it could pass it on without knowing it. HPV is transmitted by any genital contact.

It may be hard for parents to think about their young children having intercourse, but this vaccine could prevent health problems as their children get older.



Fix government

Fix government, don't escape from it. The 99 percent occupiers in Wichita and Washington, D.C., and on Wall Street all share the same respect for America and its real, people-centered values. The occupations clarify that good government protects its citizens — including children and seniors — against pollution and greed.

Meanwhile, the corporations and the local chamber of commerce are bringing George W. Bush to Wichita. Remember, he was the president who squandered our budget surplus and, right before his exit, gave billions to the giant banks that were "too big to fail."

This is not politics but a threat to our democracy. Shame on those corporations that use American democracy to amass their own profits.



Block comments

The recent arrests of three local teachers were disturbing, but the television stations and The Eagle were doing their jobs when they reported these stories. Accusations of sensationalism are untrue. The arrests of teachers are newsworthy, making it the media's responsibility to report them. The privacy rights of those considered public figures are not the same as the average citizen.

What I do believe is irresponsible journalism is allowing comments on websites in which people can hide behind anonymity and make horrible statements about these teachers, their fellow townspeople and their communities.

I am a teacher and a parent, and we spend so much time teaching our kids that bullying is wrong. We tell them they should be careful what they post on Facebook and they should be kind. Then they go to these media websites and read comments that are anything but kind. They are examples of bullying at its worst. The ability to comment about online stories should be removed.

We should be teaching our kids by example to pray for those who are suffering from these alleged crimes — the victims, the teachers, the students and the families. Their lives will never be the same, no matter the outcome.



Simple majority

With all the noise going in Congress and nothing getting done, it is amazing how quiet the public is about how a simple majority is not allowed to rule in Congress. Instead, 60 votes are needed in the Senate on many bills. A simple majority allows democracy to work more smoothly. Why not speak up? Bring democracy back.



Lost jobs

I believe that corporate America and, unwittingly, the American people are responsible for many of the lost jobs in this country.

How many people use the self- checkout lanes at grocery stores? I refuse to use them, because it allows stores to hire fewer cashiers.

When was the last time you called a company and a "live" person answered the call? Instead, we are greeted by a computer-generated voice giving us many options from which to choose.

We are able to make our own airline reservations either via an airline's website or travel sites such as Hotwire.com. There sometimes is a surcharge to make reservations by speaking to a reservations agent.

We demand low prices and get them at the expense of more jobs with higher wages and better benefits. It seems the only solution is for Congress to pass laws requiring companies that received bailout money to stop or sharply limit the number of jobs they are allowed to outsource.

The next time you use self-checkout or pay your bills or check your bank balance online instead of calling customer service or mailing a payment, consider how many jobs could be saved if all of us stopped demanding immediate service or answers.