Letters to the Editor

Walk in shoes of the poor

I am a conservative Christian woman, and I am glad that our governor has accepted Christ into his life. But I feel there are things that have not been revealed to him, such as the plight of the working poor.

My husband works. He works hard. Because of my health, we buy insurance through his employer. But it is very expensive for us.

We have hoped to find a more affordable alternative soon. But that is looking more doubtful, as there is little indication that our leaders care about that. I fear we will be forced to give up our insurance in order to make ends meet.

We are not ignorant people. We are educated, but our income is low. We are not disabled, and in spite of our low income, we are not eligible for medical insurance assistance.

It is apparent to us that those who make decisions that affect us directly have no idea what it means to be poor — poor to the point of sometimes being hungry and having to ask for food from the food bank. Gov. Sam Brownback would be appalled, and rightly ashamed, if he knew how much we suffered before we got dental insurance.

I feel it is my Christian duty to help Brownback and others see that actions taken for some political or ideological reason, such as the rejection of federal money that would have helped us get affordable care sooner (Aug. 10 Eagle), are a failure of faith.

Brownback has not walked in our shoes and has never felt our pain. But it is his duty as a Christian man to reject his prideful ways as a politician and remember his responsibilities to the least of us.