Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on golf courses, model city, teachers, 2012 election, global warming, aging, Wichita linemen

Keep city golf courses intact

It's sad to see even one of our inner-city golf courses considered for closure. From a financial standpoint, no tax dollars are used for the courses; they are fully supported by the players. A recent report obtained from the city shows they are even profitable.

Unfortunately, preventive maintenance on all of our courses (clubhouses, pump stations, etc.) has been neglected for years. Also, it seems we're drowning in a tremendous debt burden incurred by the city when it became involved with a developer of the Auburn Hills course.

The city courses give junior golfers, high school leagues and anyone who can't afford club memberships the opportunity to play at a nominal cost. Even if you don't play golf, you can appreciate what the beauty of the greenscape means in an otherwise concrete and asphalt environment. The courses are anchors to our park system and were given to citizens by our city's forefathers to use and enjoy.

Let's hope our current "city fathers" will take a "let's find a way" attitude, overlook the proposed needless capital expenditures such as building new clubhouses, find a way to refinance the debt burden, and keep these assets intact for future generations to enjoy.



Model city

Several members of our family recently returned from a three-day visit to Wichita to attend the 77th-annual National Baseball Congress World Series. Our team played its games last each night, so we had plenty of free daytime to see what Wichita had to offer.

After a stop at the Wichita visitors center, we quickly learned that Wichita is a mecca for visitors.

Driving through your statue-lined streets, we decided that Wichita is probably the cleanest city of its size. We also were amazed that Wichita had so many things to offer, including museums, walking and biking trails, public art, and historic areas for unique dining and trolley rides. An afternoon at Exploration Place made us "CSI" experts.

Wichita's political and civic leaders have done a great job in making and keeping it a model American city.


Colleyville, Texas

Credit teachers

In an article about the high levels of improvement USD 259 recently demonstrated on the Kansas state math and reading assessments, superintendent John Allison said: "This is a tremendous accomplishment by our students, our staff and the community that supports us" (Aug. 9 Eagle).

When I read the word "staff," it indicates a nonteaching position to me. It would have been more appropriate for Allison to have specifically congratulated all of the classroom teachers for their hard work and diligence.

Given the broad range of student demographics in Wichita, I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for our teaching professionals today. They most certainly have my respect and admiration.



2012 prediction

I predict that President Obama will be re-elected in 2012, that Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate, and that Republicans will lose a significant number of seats in the House of Representatives. This prediction is based on three precursors.

The first is Obama's record-shattering second-quarter campaign fundraising of $86 million, which dwarfs that of all the Republican challengers combined.

The second is the ideological inflexibility of the present-day Republican politicians, as witnessed by the uncompromising pledges that many have signed.

The third precursor is the motivation of Democratic voters to actually go to the polls. If voters are motivated to make record-shattering campaign contributions, this should carry over to voting.



Cause of disasters

If you think global disasters are caused by "global warming," read Isaiah 30:30, about how the Lord sent terrible storms, tornadoes and huge hailstones on His enemies. Then read Amos 4:7, about how God withheld rain as a warning to those who had turned away from Him. You just may find the answer to what is referred to as "global warming" or "climate change."



Respect elderly

What a wonderful column by Phyllis Spade ("Aging means adapting, not giving up on life," Aug. 16 Healthy Living). I have experienced all this with my mother, who passed away at age 93. Spade has it spot-on.

I think the majority of people should do a reality check and be more respectful of the elderly.



Wichita linemen

Thank you to the linemen for doing a great job working under sweltering and dangerous conditions. After a recent storm, we had hot lines everywhere. It looked like a second Fourth of July. There were also a lot of trees hit by lightning and wind. What a mess. We had to crawl in the dark the first night and stay away from home for a day to find a cool place. The linemen were a blessing after it all. What a great job they did.